Wednesday, May 25, 2022




It’s too early to greet summer, but its vibes are already seeping in through wardrobe choices. At least that’s what the runway has us believe, that and so much more, including a few comebacks and even feathers. Accessorizing can be a thrilling adventure, and you shouldn’t do it alone. Here are a few pointers to show you the way:

Transparent Material

If you are not shy about the contents of your purse, flaunt it around with see-through bags. Perhaps a stranger or two will strike up a conversation or ask for a gum. Not that you have to share more than you are willing to, many of the STAUD offers, are double-layered.

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Belt Bags

However you call these, this spring is a time to pull one out of the depth of your closet, or even better –get inspired by Burberry. Make sure to rock it with pride, 2019 is taking style in unexpected directions and confidence is a must.

Looped Handles

On the opposite end and a classier option — gentle looped handles. These have been spotted around in Dion Lee’s and Marc Jacobs’s selections and anywhere else you may look. Perhaps a perfect addition to a dress!

Hoop Earrings

Bags are not alone when it comes to circular shapes, and this time to go big. Gucci and Louis Vuitton are on your side!


Here is something to keep you creative: feathered jewelry. It’s a fine line between excessive and bold, but we all must walk it. And holding back is not for you if you are the experimenting type.


Carrying the naturalistic vibe further are our favorite beach tokens. No need to go to the sea this time of the year, Anna Sui enough to go on for inspiration. While at it, why not complete your look with an ankle bracelet?

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Mega lens sunglasses

Let’s hope the sun sees this pick as a call to action and brings more sunshine. Either way, you should equip yourself with a pair of clunky sunglasses, in fact, the bigger the better.