Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Spring Fashion Tips

Spring is around the corner and we want to make sure you are ready! Here are some tips that could help boost your sense of fashion!

Understand your shape

It is very very important for you to understand the fact that you’re plus size doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful or handsome, therefore understanding your body shape can really help you determine what style fits you best, it is important for you understand your body as it will help you to pick out outfits that will make you look thinner and highlight the right curves.

Feel good about the shape of your body

As a curvy beautie, you should take time to admire yourself  and feel good about your body because looking good also translates from how you feel about yourself. No matter how good a dress is, if you’re not excited about your body  it will show. 

Select carefully, the right tops and dresses

When shopping for items that fit your curves such as a dress you need to pick a dress that fits and flatters your body, your dress choice should be one that gives you a really amazing look and boosts your confidence, It is important to pick a dress that gives you a curvy look along with accessories like a belt to cinch your waist. As for tops, long tops with v necks are a very good choice as they make your upper body look thin, it is also important that you avoid clothes with too much details  which emphasize alot on some body parts and pulls attention to them.