Thursday, May 26, 2022



Summer is fast approaching, when we can finally bask in the wonderful weather! It’s a perfect time to hang out with friends and family at the beach or at the park, plan a vacation, or even unwind at your favorite spot. Before you plan your summer fun, make sure you are putting together the best fits. This upcoming Memorial Day is a great time to show off so here are a few fashion must-haves that will surely make you stand out.

When you are looking for new summer outfits, make sure that whatever you choose to wear suits the occasion and is comfortable. With that being said, you can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket, especially on those warm but windy days. Denim jackets can be paired with anything, like a simple T, blouse, or even a maxi dress. Rainbow carries a beautiful collection of kurvy denim jackets in assorted styles.

Maxi and mini dresses are also comfortable and very stylish. Depending on the style and outing, you can go fancy with it or relaxed. If you’re not comfortable wearing dresses, try wearing a romper or a jumpsuit.

Be sure to wear some comfortable footwear as well! Sandals and sneakers are the way to go. Nordstrom carries several shoes, like wedge sandals, slip-on sneakers, slide-on sandals, and flip-flops, to give you a plethora of options.

Also, don’t forget to wear a sun hat and add whatever accessories you like. Sun hats add that special touch to your whole outfit! Coolibar offers a variety of sun hats for any fun outing this summer. Adding jewelry to your summer fit can also add some extra flavor and really bring the whole look together. 

Depending on the occasion and the weather, make sure you stand out and show your creative fashion side, all the while enjoying yourself and the summer weather!