Thursday, May 26, 2022



DON’T OVER DO IT…………………………………………………

I can bet you almost every person has indulged a little too much on the holidays and told themselves “I’ll start fresh once the new year comes”. We all do it and although I think it is great to focus on bettering our health with the start of the new year, we don’t have to wait until then to start our resolutions.

People think of health and immediately jump to working out, eating healthy, sleeping well, and losing weight. That is wonderful and those are definitely elements related to health, but one aspect we forget is mental health. During the holiday season we don’t take care of our mental health in relation to our diet. We are so used to shaming ourselves for having a sweet because we have labeled desserts and dessert like foods as “bad”. I want to help us all break that mentality so we can enjoy ourselves, stay healthy, and beat the unnecessary guilt.

For starters, we need to stop labeling foods as good or bad. By taking off these labels we stop telling ourselves that we can never have a piece of pie or we can never have a glass of eggnog. Those are wonderful parts of life and celebrating that we deserve and need to have. We need to treat ourselves to keep our sanity. Instead of looking at foods as bad or good, let’s start looking at foods as more or less helpful to our bodies.

We want to eat more foods that are more helpful to our bodies, but we don’t need to cut out foods that don’t really help our bodies. Think of your food as days of the week. You want to make the most out of your days of the week, but there are going to be days when you need to veg out and that is okay, in fact, that is necessary. So just like making the most out of the days of the week, you want to get the most out of the foods you eat (you want them to help your body thrive more), but you are also going to have days when you need a few cookies and hot chocolate and that is okay. It’s not bad, it’s just allowing yourself to relax a bit.

Another thing to think about is moderation. We have all heard “everything in moderation”, but it is so true. We usually feel guilty from indulging because we go from starving ourselves and only eating salads to having 2 trays of brownies in one sitting. See the difference there? If we allowed ourselves to have a brownie more often in smaller portions, we wouldn’t feel the need to eat them all at once in a binge and then hate ourselves for it later. We wouldn’t have that sense or dire need of “all or nothing”.

All in all, the holidays are to be enjoyed. They are a beautiful thing to be celebrated and part of that celebration is food. Enjoy your food and don’t feel guilty. Focus on treating your body right and allowing yourself to have a treat, knowing that treats are a part of a healthy and BALANCED diet.