Tuesday, May 24, 2022



You better work…………

Fashion and the etiquette around it keeps evolving every day as the same dress was worn by women in the 80’s for an event is not the same worn by those in the 90’s for the same kind of event. This thread of revolution in fashion is still steady even in the millennial but most times we really get confused on what to wear that will really suit the occasion.

As a woman, whenever there’s an occasion to attend, the first thought that pops up is “what to wear and this comes up almost every single time unless you have a personal stylist who does all your shopping for you (you need a lot of money for that). Because no one wants to show up to any party looking scruffy and inappropriate not even for a cocktail party with an old time crush.

Dressing up for a special event like a cocktail party would require some good formal etiquette and preparation which may need you to also consider the time and place of the event.

And For every girl, it’s necessary you have at least a dress or more in your wardrobe for a cocktail dinner with a boo. However, since there is no fixed dress code for cocktail parties, here are some fashion etiquette to guide you.

Know the time and venue of the party

If you are attending any event, the first formal etiquette to be considerate about is the venue and time of the event. A dress worn to a dinner held at a hotel is expected to be more formal than those held in a restaurant or just a public place. In terms of a cocktail dinner, which is likely to be from 4/6 pm, a formal dress not just the casual would go best. It’s important you go formal but not like the formal and regular evening wears.

Try out some colorful dress design

For some ladies, whenever they hear dinner their first dress color would be anything black. Although black goes well with all occasion but its more fashionable to choose not to follow this instinct and try something different. However, if black makes you feel classy, then you can try out black dresses with interesting necklines.


Go with a clutch instead of a bag

Dinner dates is not a time for you to be looking all packed up with different accessories. You don’t need to start moving with a big bag, Earrings. All that is not necessary. Instead of a big bag, you can go with a clutch; it makes you look more elegant, simple yet stylish.


In terms of accessories, do little and don’t try to look too overdressed. Although the idea is to dress to impress but don’t go out of style with the occasion. Choose an ensemble that best suits the occasion.