Thursday, May 26, 2022




When we think of spring we think of “renew” “refresh” “revitalized” “a start over” and the list goes on. When it comes to spring we want to clean out, start a fresh and get rid of the old and bring in something new. Today women’s fashion there is some must haves that must always stay. Before cleaning out there are some must-haves that every women must take advantage of.

Photo Credit: Mya Price

A spring must have are to have vibrant and loud colors. Colors are a must have of spring. Showcasing bright and vibrant colors are a great way to make one feel great. Orchestrating colors will give new life on your wardrobe. Keeping vibrant colors are an easy way to style and are bold when wanting to showcase a fashion look or trend.

A spring must have are prints and patterns. Prints and patterns are spring easy way of staying fashionable without saying a word. You can create so many style and looks with abstract patterns, with asymmetrical pattern, and whimsical prints of fun. You can never get enough of prints and patterns. Patterns and prints are endless taste of fashion and will never be a dull statement piece. The great way of keeping patterns and prints you can mix and match and it adds a touch of uniqueness to your fashion and style.

Photographer by Mya Price

A spring must have are accessories. Accessories are girls ‘best friends. Accessories are small items, but they truly enhance any outfit. A great pair of colorful glasses that is universal is perfect for the bright sunny days. Showcasing great pair of earrings that enhance the neckline are always great to wear during the spring cool breeze day. Wearing dramatic rings are a nice way to wear with simple and low key outfit. A nice clutch purse is an alluring statement spring must have.  Some clutch purses are a great signature pieces that are cute, small, and can hold the essentials when out with friends or happy hour.

Photographer by Mya Price

Yes, there are so many spring must-haves, but these are the essentials that one must have for when going out with the girls, having brunch with the girls on a spring like day, and or just simply running an errand. Keeping these must haves you’ll always be in style.

Joy E. Moreland

Fashion Contributor