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Your Perfect Summer Sandal


Looking for a new pair of summer sandals? You came to the right place. A hot topic sandal that continues to trend into 2021 are Birkenstocks. 


Birkenstocks are an essential, comfortable and stylish, and warm-weather shoe. You can wear these shoes anytime. 

Looking for a groovy sole that will fit on your sandy feet, birkenstocks is the brand for you. | Credit: Birkenstock US

Birkenstocks flow with many outfits, especially when paired with your Memorial Day look. The shoe brand was made in London back in 1774, and the design allows each pair to fit your feet like Cinderella’s famous glass shoes. 

As you wear the designer shoe, it will mold around your arch. Birkenstocks slide on and off smoothly as you venture through the summer heat.

The Birkenstocks summer sandal comes in many looks, including split, wedges, soft, arizona, split hex, and rubber. Any foot fits this brand: men, women, and kids can find stylish choices. All sizes are in coordination with European fits, so make sure to compare the sizes to a United States size chart before buying.

A little more support never hurt anybody. This pair of shoes offers two straps and a fine luxury slip for more comfort. | Credit: Birkenstocks US

A particularly popular Birkenstocks look is the “Arizona Split.” This design comes in many colors with a comfortable sporty sole. Buyers can choose bright blue or yellow colors, along with modern and fabulous tones in black, brown, and white. 

On average, these shoes range from $99 to $150. The investment is truly worth it, as these sandals last more than one summer, one lake trip, one pool party, one BBQ, or anything your summer plans bring to light. Watch out for sales, especially on major holidays. 

After wearing this shoe long enough, your footprint will be forever a part of the sole to remind you of all the memories in Birkenstocks. | Credit: Birkenstocks US

Birkenstocks are sold across major brands like Amazon, Zappos, and DSW. Don’t fret—once you place an order, the shoes will be on your doorstep in no time. 

Need some help? Generation Z has fine taste and can guide you to the best pair. Happy shopping and go break in those Birkenstocks—they are calling your name.