Thursday, May 26, 2022




Every season, new trends emerge for each style. While one trend report may forecast bright, vivid colors and crazy designs, another may opt to discuss minimalist garments.

While there is always something for everyone, there is also an overhanging trend—one that encompasses the rest. For Spring 2021, look forward to fresh and soft pastels along with minimalist designs, in which comfort is key. 

via Instagram @itsmekellieb
via Instagram @itsmekellieb

Color Breakdown

This season will see a muted color palette and nude, minimalistic tones. Bright pops of color will appear, but the basic hues of many wardrobes and trends will remain nude, brown, charcoal, and gray. For more professional or muted wear, think of colors on the black and white spectrum, while daily wear will likely lean more towards pastel hues and even earthy tones. 

WGSN has determined the color of the year to be a vivid shade of aqua, which will present itself in everything from active leggings to slick blazers. The color was inspired by the evolving world of digital interface within society, and it will bring life and vibrancy to muted palettes. Other colors outside of the minimal palette include deep maroons and royal purples


Style Breakdown

Spring/Summer 2021 will welcome simple silhouettes that offer both comfort and style. Athleisure, loungewear and activewear will continue to surge in popularity as quarantine enforces work-from-home orders. 

Anticipate the return of old silhouettes and styles, but with added comfort and ease. Brands will begin to introduce softer suits and blazers, and leaders in denim will find innovative ways to reintroduce the fabric to wardrobes, including added stretch and more room. Classic denim will go back to its loose-fit roots and flared legs, with a sharp digression from skinny jeans. 

Other brands will find ways to reimagine garments that are not being purchased as often. Denim, for example, will be replaced by various shades of blue in bottoms. Button-down blouses will take the form of cargo-style loungewear.

Specific Styles to Watch For

Micro bags will begin to take over the handbag department of fashion. With fewer places to go— and increased awareness of sanitary precautions—women are carrying less with them. 

If you don’t already have some, look into treating yourself to some wide-leg or palazzo pants—they’ll be all the rage in coming months. Wide-leg pants offer comfort and ease of wear, without forcing you to sacrifice style. 

Utility-styled garments will be your new best friends. Between their boxy, loose silhouette and soft, smooth fabrics, you’ll want to sleep in them just as much as you’ll want to wear them out and about. 

Coordinated sets are still one of the most popular styles, but this season you’ll see more monochromatic styles—specifically earthy tones and minimal prints. 

Speaking of prints, this season will see a return of tie-dye, simple grid prints and “hand-drawn” prints that create a more intimate and whimsy feel. Solid blocks of white will serve as the basis for many outfits. 

As the weather warms and hems shorten, crop tops and bra tops will take over the market. Look for high-and crew-neck crops and plunging bras to wear as tops, and pair them with high-waisted palazzo pants for the ultimate summer look!