Thursday, May 26, 2022




With a new season ahead and exciting plans in store, it’s time to dress up your wardrobe to fit the occasion. Menswear this season is full of surprises, with strong, graphic prints to vivid artistic design elements. Designer Robert Graham offers something for everyone – from clean-cut blazers to explosions of color, he’s a trendsetter for the upcoming season in men’s fashion. 

Robert Graham sport shirts consist of beautiful tailoring and exquisite detailing – ranging in price from $67 for a simple blue tailored button-down, to $698 for a limited edition silk Marvel collaboration. Many products have a wide selection of sizing options for various body types. 

Robert Graham always has unique finds to fit your style. Currently, the limited edition collection is a collaboration line with Marvel, and features beautiful, artistic designs of all your favorite superheroes, from Spider-Man to Black Panther. If you’re not a Marvel fan, there are plenty of other colorful options; artistic skulls, minimalistic faces, and even tropical florals. If colors aren’t your thing at all, no worries! Robert Graham has you covered with an assortment of simple, sleek button-downs in muted tones to wear with anything. 

Robert Graham Marvel Collection
Robert Graham x Marvel Collection

The brand describes its designs as“wearable art,” with select pieces detailed with hand embroidery and embellishments, for a personal, custom feel. The sports shirts are jaw-dropping alone, but Robert Graham also offers tee-shirts, bottoms, coats, polos, and swimwear, to meet all of your fashion wants and needs. 

The brand also offers sport coats that are slightly less bold, and have a more neutral palette. From dark blues to blacks with subtle designs, the sports coats offer a much more minimalistic style that can be worn on a day-to-day basis. Robert Graham’s design ideas for sport coats revolve around the ideas of essential, comfortable pieces that offer ease of fit, and styling. If you are looking for more pops of color, there are plenty of bold options with flourishing designs to choose from. 

Robert Graham Downhill Sport Coat

The designer jeans are beautifully tailored and made with high-quality fabrics that will make you want to live in them. For more professional or formal options, the brand also offers khakis, chinos, and dress pants for any occasion. 

Much like their sports shirts, Robert Graham tee-shirts are bold and full of life. With everything from more Marvel collaborations to Van Gough-inspired designs, there are beautiful and unique options for all. 

If polos are more your style, there’s a separate section dedicated to polo shirts, from plain black with colorful accents, to fun, unique prints, and all over vivid, saturated color. 

Limited Edition Crossroads Short Sleeved Shirt from the Robert Graham Spring 2021 Collection
Limited Edition Crossroads Short Sleeved Shirt from the Robert Graham Spring 2021 Collection

Between his fun prints, beautiful designs, and understanding of comfort and style, Robert Graham is a natural pick for men’s fashion in the coming season, and no matter your style, you’ll likely find something that suits you.