Thursday, May 26, 2022



For Every Style, Budget and Size

Finding clothing that fits shouldn’t be as hard as it is. Finding your size should not mean sacrificing style. 

This is a compiled list of some of the best plus-size brands that you may not hear about as oftenbut, once you check them out, you definitely won’t forget about them. With everything from gender neutral options to glamorous and glitzy styles, this list covers it all. 

Need a little more convincing? All of these brands are founded and run by women. 

Loud Bodies is the brand that you may not have known you needed, but that the whole world needs. This brand’s goal is to make fashion ethical, inclusive and sustainable. 

When you shop its collection, you’ll see a beautiful and diverse range of models. My initial visit to the site was the first of many, as the story from the creator, combined with the company’s morals and beautiful, fashionable clothing, is everything that every brand should be. 

Starting at $20 and going up to $295, Loud Bodies offers feminine pastels and frilly florals garments that will make you want to spin around in a field of flowers and take insta-worthy pictures. Offering 15 sizes, from XXS to 10XL, this brand is centered around beautiful garments made to fit beautiful bodies. 

Can’t find something that fits, or aren’t sure if your favorite pieces will? Loud Bodies offers counseling and custom options for no extra cost. 

(Credit: Loud Bodies)

SmartGlamour is easily one of my new favorite brandsits positivity and inclusivity represents everything fashion needs to be. What makes the company especially unique is its shopping options: Shop by Type, Shop by Style, or Shop by Model. 

When you shop by model, you scroll through a list of 28 models of completely different body types, and you can click “Shop with …” Personally, I felt that my body most closely resembled Joannas, and being able to see garments on a body that so closely resembled my own was a really beautiful thing. Sizes range from XXS to 15X, and all models have their own specific measurements provided for further accuracy. 

You can even customize your clothing for a small fee! I cannot recommend SmartGlamour enoughyou’ll love everything, from its garments to the shopping process and prices, which are usually less than $100. 

(Credit: SmartGlamour)

For When You Want to Get Active in Style … 

Girlfriend Collective will be your new favorite activewear brand. It is a sustainable brand that uses recycled water bottles in its garments, which all cost less than $100. If you’re willing to spend a little more, Girlfriend Collective also offers coats and loungewear, of which many are gender neutral. 

The brand offers sizes XXS – 6XL in a variety of garments, and it includes a sustainability report for each product that tells you how many water bottles were used, the pounds of carbon dioxide prevented and gallons of water saved. The Girlfriend Collection will meet all of your needs and keep you active and stylish without breaking your bank. 

(Credit: Girlfriend Collective)

If Girlfriend Collective isn’t your style, Day-Won offers fresh designs for women of all sizes, as well as a gender neutral collection, in which all items cost less than $128!

For All Your Professional and Workwear Needs … 

You may not need much for professional wear right now as quarantine continues to keep people at home, but Hours will likely make you want to buy some anyways! Starting at $11, its sophisticated attire offers sizes 14+, with prices going up to $178. 

Hours was founded by women and focuses on eco-friendly, sustainable products that are sure to turn heads. What you’ll love: it doesn’t just offer a size chart for the clothingit provides a specific size guide for each garment, along with detailed images showing measurements per size. No more ill-fitting garments due to unclear sizing!

(Credit: Hours)

If you’re willing to spend a little more on professional attire, Henning has a beautiful selection of tailored garments for curvy girls!

For When Your Closet Needs Some New Basics … 

Universal Standard will probably become one of your new go-to stores after you check it out. This brand has rethought sizing standards and created its very own size chart to fit women sizes 00 – 40, offering clothing with prices ranging from $38 to $448. 

Universal Standard asks,  since the average size for women is an 18, shouldn’t that be a “medium?” Accordingly, it created a sizing system based on this question. 

Personally, I fall between a size 10 and 12 depending on style, but according to Universal Standards, I’m an XS. Once you start shopping, you’ll probably wonder how you went this long in life without Universal Standard at your side. 

(Credit: Universal Standard)

Not finding your style at Universal Standard? Check out Baacal or Simone Aviv to find the perfect essentials for your closet. Christian Omeshun offers more essentials, but with added pops of color!

For Gender Neutral Options … 

Not everyone shops in the women’s section, and Tomboy X knows from experience what it’s like to have a lack of options. The brand offers bras, undies, swimwear, loungewear, and accessories— basically everything you need while you’re at home during quarantine.

With sizes starting at XS and going up to 4X, and with select products offering sizes up to 6X, you’re sure to find something you’ll fall in love with. Nothing exceeds $80, so along with discovering awesome products, you won’t need to spend an entire paycheck to buy something you love! 

Tomboy X also offers products that you may not find everywhere, from compression bras to bras for women who’ve had a mastectomy. I personally cannot wait to order some stuff from the brandits product reviews are stellar and I love its style. 

(Credit: Tomboy X)

If Tomboy X isn’t a perfect match, head over to Kirrin Finch for more gender neutral options!

For When You Want to Make a Statement … 

I’m so excited that I found Black-owned business G’wan by Charon. Designer Charon creates beautiful, vibrant pieces, accessories and jewelry that you’ll want to buy all of. 

She uses African prints and fabrics in some of her creations, and she loves to add bright colors and fun designs to others. Her statement necklaces are incredible and usually pair perfectly with a matching cuff or earrings. 

G’wan by Charon offers sizes XS – 3XL, and prices run anywhere from $10 for a pair of earrings to $225 for a gorgeous frock that is currently sold out. Despite the brand’s affordable prices, you’ll probably still spend an entire paycheck here when you see how beautiful and unique the designs are!

(Credit: G’wan by Charon)

Not convinced? Jibri is another Black-owned business that has beautiful colors as well as minimalistic options.

For Adding a Touch of Glamour to Your Closet … 

I fell in love with Luvmemore the minute I went to its site. If you’re someone who loves being on trend, wearing unique clothes and still staying on budget, then stop looking, because you’ll find something at Luvmemore! 

Not only are the clothes less than $120, with a lot of options in the $20-$50 range, but the brand offers sizes from XS to 5X. Luvmemore stays true to sustainable practices and ethical production while also making charitable donations to a variety of organizations. 

What’s really cool about this brand is that when you’re shopping, you can select a “body type” filtereither regular, plus or both. When you pick both, you get to see the models side by side wearing the same garment, meaning all sizes are offered the same choices!

(Credit: Luvememore)

Luvememore is great, but it may not work for you. If you’re craving something a little different, head over to Copper Union Apparel for vibrant and unique designs or Tamara Malas if you want to make more of a statement! 

For slightly more girly styles, check out Dara Senders and Zelie for She for frills, glitter and all the luxurious glamor your closet is asking for.