Thursday, May 26, 2022


Take a look through these classic and fun looks!


It’s once again time for us to pack away our heavy winter clothes in favor of a fast-approaching spring! Before you do, catch up on the latest new trends of this year.

In 2022, we are seeing a resurgence of real and faux pearl earrings, from beautiful accents on hair headbands to cardigans, tops, and boots. At Dia & Co, they have sweaters, tops, jeans, and blouses that incorporate pearl embellishments to give you a very professional, sophisticated look. Size range: 12 to 32.

Pleated skirts are also trending this season giving wearers a playful but mature look. Usually, pleated skirts scream a young school uniform look, however, in 2022 we have a more fashionable way to wear pleated skirts. You can wear a blouse, hoodie, or sweater and pair it with sneakers to give a dressy-comfortable look. The ASOS Curve line offers a vast collection of pleated skirts, and the sizes range from 12 to 26. 

Another trend that is on the rise are statement cut-outs. Statement cut-outs is a style of clothing that expose small bits of the wearer’s skin. Statement cut-outs have been seen on dresses, bodysuits, shirts, and blazers. Eloquii provides a collection of dresses and tops with statement cut-outs that compliment any individual who wears them. Size range: 14 to 28.

The Curvy Fashionista

These  trends are just a fraction of those on the rise this year. Some trends, like the pleated skirts and pearls, may give more of a nostalgic feeling; while others may give you a more modern, edgy look, such as the clothing with statement cut-outs. No matter which style speaks to you, don’t be afraid to make it your own! Who knows – you could start the next trend.

Contributor: Casey Waiters