Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Dressing for the winter season can be a challenge, as it usually entails mixing both form and function. So, how do you look good while still staying warm? All you need is to improve your wardrobe a little here and there, as you’re bound to have some winter essentials already. A few tweaks will provide you with endless permutations when it comes to winter wear. Here are some guidelines to consider if you’re thinking about updating your winter wardrobe.

Dress for the occasion

Depending on where you’re headed, your winter style should evolve according to the occasion and activity. If you plan on heading out in the snow, you must keep your head warm and dry. Many people prefer not to wear hats to avoid the dreaded “hat hair,” but couple Jesse and Alyssa of Pure Living for Life suggest a number of hat and beanie options that are both stylish and practical. More extreme outdoor activities may call for scarves when turtlenecks are insufficient. We’ve wrote about the biggest accessory trend for Autumn Winter ‘19: large and extra-long knitted scarves. This androgynous look and the number of options on the market can provide you with tons of unisex options to mix-and-match with.


Layers on layers

Layering doesn’t mean piling on a bunch of tops and outerwear à la Joey from Friends who wore ALL of Chandler’s clothes. There is an actual art to layering which ensures that you can still get mileage out of clothes you might not typically wear during colder months, like dresses or short-sleeved tops. There are creative ways you can layer these clothes––consider a pair of tights or leggings under ripped jeans, or a turtle neck top under your thin polo shirts. A base layer like thermal underwear is also important to keep yourself insulated. The list of sweaters on Woman Within come in a range of sizes that allow for greater flexibility so you’re still comfortable whether you’re wearing one under a number of layers, a heavy coat or as your outerwear.

Don’t forget the extremities

People often neglect keeping their extremities like their legs and feet warm, so it’s necessary to invest in the proper winter accessories you can wear throughout the season. Consider some wool socks to keep your toes warm, and if you have a few pairs, you can alternate wearing them every day. They sometimes come in a number of patterns and colors so you can definitely keep your looks fresh and exciting. If you’re looking to purchase a new pair of boots, Huffpost’s suggestions on the best Western boots show that this Southwestern style is utterly timeless. Make sure that the pair you choose is made for walking to ensure maximum comfort as well. Also, while gloves can be a pain when you need to use your phone, so many people would rather their fingers turn into icicles instead. Fear not as The Strategist has rounded up a few touchscreen glove options to ensure both warmth and dexterity when you need to whip out your phone and accomplish other tasks.