Thursday, May 26, 2022



I am a woman who is into multiple styles, prints, and patterns, and various looks during the fall season. I have so many favorites, but my two ultimate favorites are layering, prints, and patterns.

Pattern and print looks can take you so far when trying to mix and match to make your closet more “useable.” I love a great plaid look with a solid bottom or top. You can dress that look from work to happy hour or just running a typical girl’s errand. Plaids are so easy to play with. The choices are endless. You can wear a solid color bottom and top and add that printed scarf that will heighten the look from simple to wow. During the fall you can wear a rustic orange floral print top with an army fatigue pleated skirt, and a Cloche hat that will set the tone of the season well. You can take that same pleated skirt and wear with a bright mustard bowtie top with knee printed boots to look fashionable and season ready. Dressing for the fall will never get boring.

What girl would mind a simple layering to add to wear during the fall season? Me of course! I love layering. The weather it isat a peek where you can where a fur vest with long printed sleeves and a distress jeans to match. You can wear that same outfit without the fur vest and add a black bomber jacket to switch up the look without doing too much. The fall season you can add a simple layer to make that outfit go from “wow” to another “wow!”

The fall season is one my favorite time to play around with fashion. You are able to wear the look without feeling too hot or brittle cold. Happy Fall fashion!