Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Men’s fashion has been a changing beacon since fashion became a dominant thing. Men’s fashion has evolved from being boring to fun and suave, from dull to debonair and overall GQ! The love of men’s fashion has taking a global turn of sparks and out of this box fashion and spunk for the world to see.

The many styles that men possess are the intriguing detail of a button, the asymmetrical bowtie, abstract colors of earth, wind and fire and the spring like flowery color, or just the different material that men of the past has shy away from has become a man’s topic style of choice. Many years ago men has been in a dark about the versatile of fashion because of what other men may think, but the “today’s man” is more willing a daring to show off the beauty of fashion fun for all to see.

As the saying goes,”…you can tell a lot by a man’s feet!” Let us look at the shoes. Men shoes has been a staple of time. The comfort, the colors, and designs has taking many by surprise. Rather is a pair of sneakers, loafers, derby, slip-ons, or any kind has been a way of how many show style and grace when stepping out. The shoes is a way of how carry themselves. When presenting in Boat shoe he is more relax and ready for an easygoing day. A man’s day is never complete without a great pair of espadrilles that comfort and relaxation is one needs for a long hard day work.

The clothing is a truly a staple of grace and style! Men’s fashion has a way of turning that “girly” color into something masculinity and powerful. It is a cold season and many colorful sweaters that men tends to wear are turtleneck with a dash of abstract colors, bold and bright color or just graphic sweater that speaks of fun and outgoing. Men’s cashmere sweaters has made its debut into many households because of its different look from zip up to pull over.

Now, jeans has been around for decades, a pair of raw denim jeans are the perfect anchor for your entire casual wardrobe. ‘Raw’ essentially means ‘unwashed’, so the denim is left in its natural, dark indigo state.

Not only is dark blue denim the most versatile, in that it can be dressed up as well as it can be worn off-duty, but it’ll also age beautifully. The indigo in raw denim changes the more you wear it, so with time you will see unique fades, making the jeans highly individual and uniquely yours. Like many jeans, men’s pants has shown to be different in so many styles for when going out, running errands, or just relaxing!

Like many women’s fashion, men’s fashion has made it’s a way into our hearts and change with grace and style!

Images via by Farah Prince