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Men’s fashion has always been popular in the spotlight, however the attention to the finer details often gets overlooked by most men. Accessories for men tend to be ignored, while the front runners of apparel such as shirts and jeans get our top focus and consideration. This is unfortunate considering accessories can easily make or break our outfit and style. While fashion is cyclical, the growth of the choices in accessories that men have now access to is very obvious.  Never underestimate the power of wearing good men’s fashion.

We have done some research and have identified a few of the “hot” items that men can look forward to for this coming Fall / Winter. As you know, fashion always come back and surprises by giving a twist to something that was here before! Staying true to your personality is sense of styling is what will ensure that your choice of accessories are fashionable and practical.

The Oversized Leather Trench Coat:

In Paris the look reached it’s zenith, with beautifully crafted trench coats swooping down most of the runways.

Large & Extra Long Knitted Scarves:

Ultra-thick and looking as though they’ve been knitted by nanas, the big accessory trend for Autumn Winter ‘19 is for massively oversized scarves. These are design for extra warmth and comfort as you transition from Fall to Winter. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns to make you feel as trendy as possible.

The Best Winter Cologne

I’m putting this as an accessory because I do think that there are summer fragrances and winter fragrances. What really matters in a winter fragrance is that it’s long-lasting and has strong projection (‘projection’ in the fragrance world means how far away people can smell it.)

Some of the best fragrance notes to look for in a winter cologne are cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.

Look for something that’s complex and has depth. I personally love incense in my fragrance during the winter because it reminds me of going to midnight mass as a kid. And that’s the key – find something that has meaning to you.

Full Black & Tailored Suits

Meticulously tailored suits, with white shirts and ultra-skinny ties…The office wear look.

Whatever your choice in wear may be this Fall / Winter, make sure that you embrace it, and give it your own personal styling touch. Men Fashion matters, and we need to continue to enhance the global talent that surrounds us. As men we alsoneed to be more open and receptive to styling changes and fashion trends.



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