Wednesday, May 25, 2022



One thing about being single now is that I have the freedom to do what I want!

Freedom to hang out with the girls, stay out late and hit the nightlife–all that sounds great, but I’d rather be in the house watching House Hunters. But how will I meet anyone with that attitude? I asked myself this all the time. Something about being in my bed, cuddled up, and yelling at the television at what house the couple should choose is more exciting to me than going out to a club.

Because I’ve been out of the dating scene for more than twelve years, I did not have a clue on how it all work. I was going to get a feel for it. 

James was a 23-year-old who contacted me on Facebook. It always starts with the same line when I’m approached on social media: “You’re so beautiful. Your man is so lucky to have you.” Then I either decide if I’m going to entertain it or not, and on that day I decided to entertain it. I replied back, “Thank you so much hun.” He took that and ran with it and continued hitting on me. When I asked him his age and the reply was “I’m twenty-three.” Yes, I paused because he is not that much older than my daughters. I replied with my age and told him, “I’m too old for you.” I was sure that would scare him off and nope it did not. Days went by and he continued to contact me asking to take me out. I was hesitant because what the hell do I have in common with this young man? 

“Brandee just say yes and have a good time.” That was not the voice in my head but the voice of my big sister, Amber. I could not get passed his age and thinking about how old I was when he was born. I listened and said, “Yes.” 

After we got all the logistics out of the way I had to go and pick him up–go figure right–and the first thing he says when he walks up to the car, “You’re so damn fine.” 

During the date, James held his own: opening doors, holding a great conversation, and engaged in what I was saying. As we are walking to the car I could tell he wanted a kiss and my rule has always been to never kiss on the first date. I told him that and that did not stop him. All of sudden he pick me up! Yes, picked all of my thickness up and kissed me passionately. Did he just pick my ass up, the thought that came to my mind. As we are kissing I’m forgetting where I’m at and that is when I made the decision to keep the 23-year-old around…