Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Breathtaking Destinations You Must Explore in 2022

After the COVID-19 lockdown we’ve all experienced, we’ve been eager to travel to new places and finally get out of the house. Even though the lockdown was over a while back, the pandemic is not yet over; there are still safety procedures and regulations we must follow in order to take care of ourselves and others. 

The new year is coming and many countries have opened their doors to tourists. Check out these beautiful destinations for your upcoming trip! The country’s COVID-19 requirements have been added as well to help you get prepared. 

  • Bali, Indonesia

Also called the Island of the God’s, Bali’s charm comes from its natural beauty. The beaches, mountains, waterfalls, gardens, and rivers form the island’s beautiful landscape. The island is rich in culture with its magical temples and traditions, a never-ending adventure. 

To get into Bali, you would need a Visitor Visa, and you must quarantine for three days as a fully vaccinated traveler. After that period is done, you can enjoy Bali’s captivating scenery and rich culture!

  • Santorini and/or Athens, Greece

Greece has the longest coastline in Europe and beautiful scenery wherever you go. The mainland is known for its forests, mountains, and lakes, and the country for its thousands of islands.

All travelers must present negative COVID-19 molecular test results up to 72 hours before departing to Greece. If you’ve done the rapid test, the negative results will be valid for up to 48 hours.

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is formed by the main island, four small islands, and hundreds of cays and islets. The archipelago is rich in culture, colonial architecture, and ancient history. You will fall in love with the delicious food, beautiful beaches, weather and most of all, the warm welcoming locals. 

In Puerto Rico, masks are required in all indoor spaces regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not. To have 100% capacity for a private or public event, you must show proof of vaccination. As for everyone, social distancing must be respected at all times.

  • Barcelona, Spain

The perfect combination of history, art, and culture, which can be discovered at their museums and in their stunning agriculture. Barcelona offers neighborhood festivals, peaceful shorelines, and an upbeat nightlife to fit everyone’s taste. Spain’s world-class cuisine is a must to try!

To enter Spain in general, you will need to be fully vaccinated and present proof before boarding the plane in the United States.

  • Venice, Italy

Also called the “The Floating City,” Venice is known for its many winding canals connecting and separating the 118 islands in the city. The city also consists of over 400 bridges linking the islands. Venice has a unique charm with its gondola rides, carnivals and narrow streets.

To enter Italy, you must fill out the passenger locator form and present a COVID-19 green pass or a certification of vaccination issued by the health authority of their country. Canada, Japan and the United States can present a certification of success recovery instead. Regardless of vaccination, Italy also requires documentation of the COVID-19 test that was done within 72 hours of boarding the plane. 

These breath-taking destinations should be a must on your bucket lists, along with some memorable mentions such as Paris, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. The countries above hold many other charming cities you can explore. There are always many destinations to choose for your next adventure!