Wednesday, May 25, 2022



1999 Woman in a 2018 Dating World…

Who thinks they would be 38 and single? Growing up, I pictured my life very differently: being happily married to an amazing husband who cannot get enough of me, five beautiful black babies, and my family living in Seattle–yes I said Seattle. Well, as you can see, that is not the case.

I don’t have the husband; I have three children and am living in San Diego, but living in San Diego is not so bad. Then come to think about it, why would I ever want to live in Seattle? I know why all because of one of my favorite movies Sleepless in Seattle. The thought of finding love again in a city has always been a fantasy of mine. Hmm a fantasy, at times it feels like finding love is just a fantasy.

This is my reality I’m single after being married for 10 years–a marriage I know would not last, but that’s another story. I stayed longer because I would hear all of the horror stories of other women dating and all the drama. Something I was not ready to experience but GOD had another plan and my marriage ended. And hear I am!

Single mother of three back in the scene, but it has not been fun. Can you rewind it back to 1999 when men would come up to me and engage in a conversation, or they would CALL–yes I said call–to hear my voice or better yet taking me out on multiple dates but my favorite was when they would call me a dedicate a song to me as their way of saying I’m sorry. Man, how I miss being courted by a man.

2018 is all about texting; no phone calls, one date, and they feel entitled, and what‘s up with these dating apps! I have tried them all and it has been hot mess! I’m having a hard time being single in 2018. It’s hard being a 1999 woman in a 2018 world because my heart to yearns for romance, courting, special gifts for no reason but one thing I will not do is give up. Honestly giving up and turning into lesbian is looking good every day, LOL just being honest.

There are times I wonder if I’m even from this world. I day dream about coming home to my king, my kids all around me and we are just a powerful black family! Does this even exist anymore? Do men even want women like me anymore? Why in the hell is this 23 yr old hitting on me and did I just say yes to a date with him?

New Single and Living has been a journey and it continues to test me in ways I never thought it would.