Saturday, July 2, 2022



Summer has always been known as the social season. The weather encourages time outdoors, the sun shines longer, and everyone does their best to enjoy the summer while it lasts. A vacation away from home or a wedding invitation are some of the best things about summer.

But summer can be hard when scheduling differences keep you from seeing your circle of friends or acquaintances. It can be hard to watch other people be out and about all summer long, while you aren’t. Well, here are some ways you can make the best of your summer and enhance your social circle.


If you’re new to the neighborhood, dating apps like Tinder and Bumble can be used for other reasons other than dating or hookups. Bumble has another app called Bumble BFF, solely for making friends.

You can also add a bio on Tinder and type out exactly what you are looking for; “New to the area and wanting to make friends!” Facebook is another excellent resource where you can join groups with people that share similar interests. There are book clubs, running groups, groups for plant lovers, you name it.

Maybe making friends online isn’t your thing, and you prefer to make them the old fashioned way. Well, bars, nightclubs, gyms, and shops are great places where you can interact with people who you have things in common with. For example, I’ve met a lot of people at the gym I use regularly.

So, once you’ve established this circle of friends, try and find fun, new things to do! For example, going on a weekend trip out of town, ax throwing, trying a new brunch restaurant, having a picnic in the park; honestly, the ideas are endless! What’s even better is that once you’ve made a group of friends you enjoy being around, the ideas will just start to flow naturally!

Contributor: Lauren Koehler