Sunday, July 3, 2022
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In a time like this when just about everyone is stuck at home searching for the next show to binge, we are here to tell you bridal T.V. is the way to go. With the wedding season fast approaching and many couples delaying their plans for a wedding amid the pandemic, these are the top five shows to binge-watch this month.

Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress is a bridal television series classic. It has everything you need for entertainment: familial drama, consultants with big personalities, and demanding brides. Not only does it boast entertainment, but the show also provides a slew of inspiration for brides in their search for the perfect dress. With 19 seasons and several spinoffs, you’ll be glued to the screen watching endlessly.

Say Yes to the Dress on TLC with host Randy Fenoli

Married at First Sight

If you’re looking for something significantly more intense look no further than Married at First Sight. The show matches up couples based on scientific matchmaking and the couples don’t meet until they reach the altar. You’ll find yourself rooting for couples and wondering if you could ever do the same.

Amani and Woody on Lifetime's Married at First Sight (s11)
Amani and Woody on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight (s11)

Four Weddings

Four Weddings is made for the competitive bride, or even just a viewer who loves watching brides compete to pull off the best wedding for a chance to win the ultimate honeymoon. Four brides face-off and attend each other’s weddings to choose who pulled off the best wedding. The series has its fair share of cattiness and drama that you won’t want to look away from.

Four Wedding on TLC

My Fair Wedding

Nobody does wedding planning like David Tutera, especially if you’re looking for the most extravagant and elaborate wedding of your dreams and My Fair Wedding brings viewers into Tutera’s world of wedding planning. The show fulfills every bride’s dream; having a celebrity planner come in and make dreams a reality, and for viewers, the show can help guide a lost bride to that fairytale wedding. 

My Fair Wedding on WeTv with host David Tutera (left)
My Fair Wedding on WeTv with host David Tutera (left)

Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

If you can’t get enough of wedding planners and the behind the scenes of their work Whose Wedding is it Anyway? will feed your appetite. The show follows wedding planners as they juggle multiple ceremonies and receptions as well as difficult clients while making sure everything goes smoothly. It’ll have your heart racing at times and rooting for the planners as they ensure the perfect wedding despite all odds.

Whose Wedding is it Anyway? on Style Network