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Wedding color palettes can be anything you desire, but certain popular options combine complementary colors to create beautiful backdrops for the marriage of you and your loved one. Whether you choose rustic reds and navy or soft pastels and honey yellows, you are sure to find the perfect palette for your special day.

Rustic Colors

As outdoor weddings surge in popularity, so does the rustic, bohemian color palette. Golden oranges and marigold yellows pop against soft, minimalistic backgrounds of slate greens, taupes, and chamois.’ To capture the beauty of a rustic wedding, try these ideas:

  • Sunflowers are the perfect centerpiece, bouquet or garnish. Other flowers to consider include chocolate cosmos, orange tulips, and witch hazel, all of which offer unique aromas and aesthetics.
  • When planning your decorations, use the less-is-more approach. The decorations should be inspired by nature and portray a natural aesthetic. Think tree rings for coasters and mason jars for lights and centerpieces. There are a plethora of options depending on what style you’re looking for!
  • Keep your bridesmaid dresses simple. Short floral sundresses or long, plain maxi dresses in deep rust or cherry hues, will complement the theme. 

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Pastels and Clays

Soft colors create a romantic aura at a wedding—especially clay palettes of steel blues, sage greens and terracotta blushes. These colors are often paired with shades of brown to contrast the soft pastels. When you want a romantic color palette, try some of these ideas:

  • Use clay items and pottery as centerpieces. Pottery pieces can be customized and carved to create unique and personal messages and images, especially if loved ones (or children) help craft them!
  • Spruce up the environment with lots of greenery. With such a soft palette, incorporating a variety of plants and flowers in different shades will highlight the main pastel palette. Consider a bouquet that is overwhelmed by green sprigs, and use branches and twigs for other sources of decoration!

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Rich Wines and Jewel Tones

Some of the trendiest colors for fall and winter weddings are now dominating spring and summer as well; deep maroons and reds. When determining specific colors, use wine as your inspiration! From cabernets to sauvignons, there is a unique palette at your fingertips, not to mention an excuse for some wine shopping! For more ideas, consider the following:

  • If you’re inspired by wine, utilize wine glasses! Centerpieces, lights, or vases—you can easily get creative with them. Another option? A wine bar with lots of options and samples.
  • Carnations are a simple yet beautiful pairing with numerous color options, especially when combined with rich, emerald greenery! Dahlia flowers are another gorgeous option, with white highlighting the deep burgundy color. 
  • Wine colors are well-paired with jewel tones and beautifully accent brassy colors and metals. For glamorous decorations, look for antiques and rustic, iron items, as well as anything dressed in gold or silver. 

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Blue Hues

When planning a wedding palette, don’t think of your traditional, primary color blue. Think powder blues and deep navy, all combined into one stunning color scheme. A combination of blue tones is a popular trend in weddings and offers a depth of hues, from the sky to deep sea. To build your blue-themed wedding, think about trying some of these options:

  • Have each of your bridesmaids wear a different shade of blue, but keep lengths and styles similar to avoid too much distraction.
  • To contrast your blue shades and add pops of color, throw in sprigs of yellow flowers to a bouquet or sunset orange placements as centerpieces. Navy blues and deep oranges or marigolds provide a wonderful contrast!

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