Thursday, May 26, 2022



A wedding day is filled with emotions and everything must be perfect. Not to be left out is your beauty look on this special day. It will be one day but, the beautiful photos will last a lifetime. So this is not one area I recommend cutting corners on or getting a “deal.” You want to make sure to hire a professional. Someone that specializes in this field. I’m going to help recommend some pro products and steps you can take to step into one of your most important days of your lives with ease.

First things first, I recommend getting a facial at-least a week in advance if not two weeks. This helps to prep your skin so it’s in tip top shape and will help you glow naturally. Plus, if there are any “issues,” they can be addressed then and you have time to heal or even if it’s just stressed skin that needs to be soothed and hydrated. Not that planning weddings are stressful. Lol
Next,I recommend starting your skincare routine if you don’t already have one. The must haves are a great eye cream. To help with puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles. I recommend Dior’s new, “ Capture Youth Age – Delay.” This eye cream works miracles right before your eyes. I’ve tested it and done one eye with the cream and one eye without. And wow!! I saw instant brightening and smoothing effects. So this recommendation is high on my list of must haves. After eye cream, I recommend a face serum. There are many great ones and this will depend on your skin type and skin needs at the time. Skin serums are the purest form of treatment that work beneath the epidermis to repair the skin from the inside out. They work on a molecular level so the results are a lot more intense. A few I love are Dior’s, “Capture Totale,” which addresses all signs of aging, hydration, radiance, and antioxidants. This is a one stop shop for all you. Another great serum option is by Apeiro Treatments is, “Royal Septer Serum.” This is for the Lux bride for sure at a price point of $3,200.00 but, let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. This serum turns back the signs of aging and gives you an amazing glow.

Last but, not least you need to finish off with a great face lotion or cream depending on your skin type. A great affordable face cream that pairs perfectly with the Dior serum is the, “Capture Totale face cream.” This does all that the serum does but, works on the outer epidermis on in. It will hydrate the top lipid layer while anti aging your skin. I also love how the fragrance is light and clean. For our extra lux babes I recommend the Apeiro Treatments face cream from the, “Royal Scepter line.” This cream is so luscious and feels so amazing.
Now that we have your skin prepped and taken care of let’s get to makeup. There are so many choices out there this can be very confusing. You need to take into consideration your skin type, skin sensitivities, and that this makeup needs to hold up all day and for the photos. So this isn’t your daily wear makeup, unless your extra like me. Hahah! My go to’s for my brides foundations are, Kat Von D’s, “Lock it in.” It comes in a wide variety of shades and this foundation will last all day and cover anything you want covered. It retails for $36.00. So not a bad price point at all. It’s very affordable. My next go to foundation for brides is Dior’s, “Airflash,” airbrush makeup. This makeup is ultra lightweight, waterproof, and wears 12 hours. It covers up to a tattoo naturally as well if needed. They’ve recently added even more shades. So now it comes in 18 inclusive shades! The price point for this one is $62.00.
The next thing to cover is color! When I’m working with my bridal clients I like to ask them, “ What do you want to look like for your special day?” Some people have a clear vision of what they want to look like and others are looking for advice. My overall recommendation is to look radiant and angelic. I recommend neutral tones, or pinks and plums for most people. I recommend the line all the stars are using, because of not only the quality but, it has zero cancer causing emissions. It is called, Beauty Counter and the palette is called, “ Romantic.” Perfectly named. It retails for $50.00 for 9 colors! So a great value for sure.

As for lips I recommend them as well. Even if you’re getting your makeup done, you’re going to need a lipstick for touch ups throughout the day and night. They have amazing colors and textures! I recommend finding a shade in there, “intense color line.” These colors last longer, for longer wear. For blush my go to is always Bodyography. They are so pigmented and hold up well. They have a wide variety of colors. They retail for $17.00 which is a great deal because, they last so long. For mascara I recommend either Dior or Maybeline in waterproof. Just incase the emotions take over. Another great tip for this is to tap, not rub the tears away with a q-tip or tissue. That way you don’t mess up your makeup. The final product to lock in the look is a finishing spray. I highly recommend Urban Decay’s, “All nighter,” setting spray. This will seal it for all day and night flawless wear.

Planning a wedding is stressful but, looking like a queen on your special day doesn’t have to be. I recommend setting aside extra time for your make up appointment or application on your wedding day. This ensures that if you get interrupted by multiple people with multiple questions that inevitably happens ,every single time, you’ll still be running more than on time for your photos and wedding. Plus, always remember this, your wedding can’t start without you! So enjoy “your time,” getting beautified so, you can walk into your wedding feeling and looking your best.
Xoxo your makeup guru
Rene G.