Thursday, May 26, 2022




Glitz and glam, sparkle and shine, is a great way to introduce our brides to be! Being a new bride you want items that shine heavenly as the sun, but cost less than a piece of candy. Only if we live in a world that will accommodate our cash flow! Being a new bride one must endure looking for “right items” to match a perfect last day! We all know at times it can be a daunting and exciting adventure. You need something new, something borrows, something blue and the list goes on. The anticipation of walking down the isle is a greatest feeling bride looks forward to when getting married. Many eyes are pierced directly onto every inch of your veil, hair, makeup, your look, but most of all the dress!

Before we get to see the end, many futures brides look forward attending bridal shows and bridal runway. Before seeking out the best items that a girl will need there are some many bridal trends to look for before making her last decisions.

The Bride’s veil:

Many brides seek to have the best alluring veil. The best veil to a bride is the length. The length is what captive the eyes of so many. Many brides aren’t “tradition” brides that will seek the simple, sheer, overlay veil! Many brides today may choose double tier veil that has two different sizes veil that adds volume on top and length on the bottom. A bride may want to go with a look that is more “subtle and extra soft.”  The blusher veil, which is a veil that is a short –like birdcage that flows gracefully over the bride’s face still giving that bride that alluring look. When looking for the veil on the runway one will need to consider if they want their face cover and remove by their veil, or short length that do not require lifting.

The Bride’s Jewelry:

The bride ought to want to look like a forever goddess. Her jewelry should compliment her and not be over barring. Great runway jewelry piece for a bride will be glamour bell clutch earrings. They come in many alluring and colorful gems. Many brides tend to wear these with their hair pinned up, so they can make a glam appearance. A timeless piece that has been around for many years and shows no time of aging or leaving is the classic pieces. They are the chandeliers. They are the pieces that add the glitz and glam to your gorgeous day. The look and style is vintage, but has a look that can compete with today’s modern jewelry.

The Bride’s dress:

Last, but not least, the dress! The bride’s dress is the peak of the moment! It is the piece that makes the bride the talk of the town. Now what dresses will you see on the runway are your dresses that can spark a conversation if dressed well!  A bride choice is will be an A-line dress that fits nicely around the bust area and falls nicely at the waist. Next, the trumpet dress is more a form fitted dress from the top to bottom. Normally this dress is worn with the simplest material, but give off that gorgeous and daring look. The all time favorite is the mermaid dress that gives the body that gorgeous look. This dress like the trumpet falls nicely against the body, but mid way at the legs it falls graciously and beautifully. The bottom flares out perfectly as if it can be mermaid fins. Wanting to feel like a princess, well your ball gown wedding dress will have you feeling like a Disney princess. This dress needs not too many accolades because it’s a dress that can carry its own look, style, and stature.

Being a new bride many have so much to look forward to. The detailing of the dress, the style, length of the veil, the makeup, and the jewelry seems so much, but for one day many brides will turn a decade of planning to await for that special day!