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Couples are always on the lookout for innovative ideas to add unique touches to their wedding. If you are getting married, why not make your big day unforgettable by making everyone feel special?

Expect some bold trends to take over the wedding scene this year. Here are some inspiring ideas that you can look forward to and make your own!

Hues and Themes

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.50.24 PMThis year you will get to see multiple shades of green incorporated into the reception theme. This color has caught everyone’s eye because of its soothing appearance as well as symbolic value in terms of new beginnings, renewal, energy, and fertility. This color fits beautifully with the rustic theme which is trending currently. ‘Back to nature’ barnyard weddings with intricate floral arrangements and recreation of the woodland feel with pinecones and maple leaves are highly sought after by many couples.


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.51.08 PMThe classic chandelier-style is back this year in the form of the centerpiece. Hanging flowers look natural and stunning at the same time when they are placed in the middle of the room. Usually, centerpieces become a hindrance to conversation, but hanging flowers do not come in the way at all and look great as well. The combination of marble and metal in various elements of the decor is being chosen by couples because of its clean and cool texture. Marble dance floors and metal urns are very much in demand.


Interesting giveaways and entertainment

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.51.40 PMPhoto booths offering quirky and fun props to click pictures with are still quite popular. Couples are also opting for lipstick touch-up bars and specialty sip stations to make the event exciting for their guests. Guests receive welcome packages that contain essentials and sweet treats after dinner. Throughout the reception, they can enjoy the entertainment offered by magicians, tarot card readers, and sketch artists.


A few more innovative trends:

  • Asking for cash contribution from guests to support causes instead of traditional gifts.
  • Bite-sized pastries in unconventional flavors to pass around after dinner.
  • Cape-style dresses instead of traditional gowns for brides. Dark colors like mauve and burgundy along with textures like herringbone and tweed patterns for men.


Watch out for all these trends and make them a part of your wedding ceremony this year!