Sunday, July 3, 2022




I love me. 

Few of us are comfortable with uttering this or any affirmation like it to ourselves. We barely ever affirm ourselves for the simple act of affirmation and expressing our love to our bodies, minds, and souls. In fact, even writing that first sentence made me feel cheesy and stupid.

Compliments have begun to easily come out of us instead of into us. We are greeted with compliments all the time. We have become so used to them that we have begun to brush them off. We even begin to fight with the compliments we receive. Maybe they were just being polite. Maybe they want something from me. Maybe they’re saying that they think my hair looks cute, but really they know it doesn’t. Maybe they’ll talk behind my back later. 

A bit too far? Maybe. 

At my college, random compliments happen much more frequently than you would guess. After attending Liberty University for six semesters, I personally have no trouble with telling a random girl at my college that her jeans are stunning or her hair looks great. But, I couldn’t tell you the last time I complimented myself on an outfit or looked in the mirror and told myself that I looked great today. So how can we fix this? Well, here are a few simple (not cheesy) ways to affirm yourself.

Have a Mantra

This point may be a little abstract, but manifesting and claiming things has power. Every morning, look in the mirror and repeat something affirming. It could be a simple word like “valued” or a phrase like, “I am worth this day and all the beautiful things that come from it.” If you say it enough times, you will begin to believe it, or at least become familiar with this act of loving yourself. Sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves because we have told ourselves too many things that aren’t promoting growth and self love. Change the way you talk to and about yourself because you hold the most power over your body and mind.

Don’t Settle


Don’t run away from your problems. Leave behind the things that make you feel like you are a problem. You don’t like that Instagram account because it makes you feel less than the models on it? Unfollow it. Does a person you’ve talked to a few times seem to not see your worth? Redownload Tinder and find a man who sees the precious gift you are. Start curating a life that is as beautiful as you are and collecting thoughts that you would be proud to share with others. Don’t settle for things that make you forget the truth of your amazing worth. 


Shift your Focus


Often we cannot love ourselves because we are too distracted looking at others. This desecration can become destructive because it will usually lead to comparison or heartache. Alternatively, it could make you adore the other person so much that you forget to see yourself as treasured anymore. This might not always happen, and you should never forget to give compliments whenever you can, but make certain that you are talking to yourself the way you are talking to the people whom you most cherish.

Be Selfish

Allow yourself to experience things that make you happy and don’t settle for less. Treat yourself to the things you want, within reason, flirt with yourself if it will make you happy, wear that dress no matter what others think. It’s your body and your self that will be affected by these actions. Be a little selfish about them, and make sure that you are doing your best to love yourself at all times. 

Accept Compliments from Others

This might not fully go along with the theme of affirming ourselves, but it does help. We need to love ourselves enough to accept the truth from other people too. No false modesty necessary, just acceptance that we are enough for that person to compliment us or love us, even when we can’t feel as though we are.

This post is not me saying that if you do all of these things, you will magically fall back in love with yourself and all will be great. However, do things that are more “you” focused if you sense yourself losing touch with your positivity and self-assurance. You are beautiful and valuable, cherished and treasured, fabulous and free. Please never allow yourself to forget that. 


Markey Battle Sr. Lifestyle Contributor
Markey is a senior at Liberty University where she is studying both English and theatre. Her passions include reading as much as she can, health and fitness, and cooking. She has an enormous love for writing and wants to continue to craft words for the rest of her life.