Sunday, July 3, 2022
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When your favorite music artist drops a music video, we are all excited to see what happens, but even  more excited to see what they wear. Celebrities always have an influence on the new trends and are even role models to how others dress. Here are 6 music videos that not only have great style, but in their own way teach viewers how to be confident in what they chose to wear.

  1. Kriss Kross – “Jump”

Staying warm but definitely staying in style, Kriss Kross not only showcased a unique approach to clothing design, but also changed the fashion game. Well known for their style in this music video, Kriss Kross made wearing pants backwards cool. The two boys were not afraid to do something different with their style and that can inspire many designers and stylists all around to know there is no normal when it comes to fashion. Although today you won’t see people  walking around with their pants backwards, many can appreciate the idea of switching up or doing something that’s different.

2. TLC – “Creep”

Silk pajamas, that’s it. If you are looking for matching pajama sets for a best friend sleepover, thank TLC for showing us the comfort and fun of a silk pair. In their hit song, “Creep,” not only did they introduce us to some favorite party dance moves, they showed us that silk pajamas are worth the money. Being comfortable in what you wear is a key thing to someone when determining their style. It may not be the glitz and glam, but how comfortable you feel in your own skin and  in what you wear.

3. Nelly – “Air Force One”

Just from reading the title, Nelly and the other artist featured in this song brought up the hype around the famous Nike Air Force 1. This song was not only great in creating a catchy chorus, but also advertising the  shoe in a new way. Hearing the song always makes me contemplate getting Air Force 1s, but Nelly is known for just more than giving us this amazing song. Name another rapper who had a bandaid on their face. Nelly found a way to not only stand out with his music, but also with his style. Known for wearing his jerseys and bandaids, Nelly showed us  that it’s okay to be different and stand out. Accessorize yourself and establish a style that others can be inspired by.

4. Ciara – “Like a Boy”

The message in this song is not only inspiring, but also her style is what really attracted the attention of many viewers to the video. Known for the many stereotypes of having broad shoulders and more, Ciara has faced a lot of rude comments regarding her body being “manly.”. This didn’t stop her from styling and portraying herself as a man in her hit song, “Like a Boy.” Although the song is speaking on what she would be like as a boy, she inspired and taught others that it’s okay to dress however you like, whether it seems manly or not. Even if it would’ve made more sense for her to dress like a man  in this video, there are still endless other ways in which she could’ve created and dressed for this video. This just shows and  encourages others to dress however they  want, no matter what gender.

5. Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – “Finesse (Remix)”

Big hoops, bucket hats, baggy jeans and all, the dynamic duo created a music video inspired by and dedicated to the hit show In Living Color. For those who grew up watching the show, the style in this video really said the ‘90s are calling and are ready to come back. ‘90s styles and trends have always been around, but they recently made a comeback and don’t seem to be going away. With the striped jean shorts, snapbacks, and more, Bruno Mars and Cardi B remind everyone that the ‘90s has always played a major role in style trends we see today and that it’s okay to dress in the past. No matter what generation you were born in, or what decade you think you  should’ve been born in, it shouldn’t stop you from wearing the  exotic colors or patterns. Your style is yours, and you should dress for your own happiness and vibe.

6. Keri Hilson – “Pretty Girl Rock”

“Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful.” It’s all about the girl power in the many portrayals of amazing women in this music video.  In an interview with MTV, Keri Hilson revealed she had a total of nine changes, and was able to showcase many talented women and their well-known styles from 1920-2010. Portraying women such as Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, and TLC, Hilson touched many women’s hearts by showing no matter who you are and what you wear, you are still beautiful. Others will continue to be jealous of you as you walk in your own confidence, but as shown at the end of her music video, you are beautiful no matter who you are or what you wear!

All in all, your style is how you want it to be. Many express themselves through their clothes and what they see is how they determine what to wear. There are many artists and music videos out there that have changed the fashion game and teach others  how to dress for themselves. It’s never a competition on who’s wearing what, but rather it’s about what makes you feel the most confident in yourself.