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There are a few occasions in life that are memorable: the birth of a child, a career promotion, your engagement proposal, and most importantly your wedding day! Your wedding day marks a moment that will be engraved not only in your mind, but in the minds of everyone that was part of that day. 

Spring is well known to introduce new brides. Planning your wedding consists of many components from the guest list to choosing the right champagne and ultimately ensuring that you look flawless the entire day. Your event planner should be able to put a team of dedicated professionals that will ensure that your day is nothing less but perfect; after all, the bride is the most important showpiece of any wedding. 

Having said that, a very important part of that look is your hair. Brides are known to spend months choosing that perfect hairstyle that will tie their best facial features to everything surrounding their wedding day. One of their main concerns to their hair dresser is: “will my hairstyle last throughout the entire day?” 

wedding-3127983_1920I am more than happy to share with you a few tips that I discussed with my hair dresser and that she often shares with her brides to be: 

  • Work with what you got. Remain realistic. Your hairdresser is a professional, not a magician. Whatever the style may be to best compliment your dress, remember to take your hair texture, length, and styling into consideration. 
  • Don’t wash. Second-day-hair is known to hold a stylish wedding updo much longer than freshly washed locks. Talk to your hairdresser to find out what they recommend.
  • Some may advise to double up on the hairspray, but this can be tricky and lead to a frizzed and dried-out look. Remember your wedding location as well (e.g: outdoor versus indoor etc). What you can do is have backup plans like sheen spray, bonny pins, and handy combs in your bridal travel clutch that should be in hands of your Maid of Honor. 
  • Add accessories in the last few minutes. If you’re wearing a veil or a weighty headpiece, pop it in just before you leave to avoid pulling down on your hair. This also goes for fresh flowers which can start to look a bit limp if you pop them in too early.
  • Avoid fiddling. Once your hair has been done avoid touching it. If you’re not happy with it let your stylist know rather than trying to fix it yourself!

Your wedding day should be as stress free as possible. Trust your team and the professionals you have chosen to ensure that this is the case!


By: Kenty Lichtenberg of 

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