Tuesday, May 24, 2022




Attending a school that offers fashion design as a degree surrounded me with many personal fashion styles. There were those who dressed comfortably and then there were others who dressed to make a statement. I dressed like neither of those. Being surrounded by many styles fascinated, but also intimidated me. Feeling as if I should have dressed like who I saw, I told myself there were do’s and don’ts when it came to fashion and how I represented myself. I realized that everyone else’s style wasn’t for me. I understood that I should be inspired by what others had on, not intimate. From that, I learned some do’s and don’ts when it came to my personal style.


DO Brand Yourself

Take the time to showcase your unique style. Your DNA and your fashion DNA have something in common: they’re different from everyone else’s. Branding yourself will also inspire others to try something new. You never know how branding yourself with your personal style can lead to opportunities and boost your confidence. You will be an inspiration to others and yourself, and you’ll continue to find a style suited best for you.


DON’T Dress With A Brand

There’s always a good feeling when you’re wearing a designer brand. That invisible status you feel when you’re out strutting a high fashion brand is good for confidence, but not for expressing who you are. If wearing these brands make you feel like you can take on the world, strut them. But if you only want to wear it because you see others wear it, don’t. Fashion can provide many opportunities to brand yourself and show people your style. Don’t worry about the brand, worry about branding yourself!


DO Dress For Comfort

Whether it’s a big t-shirt or sweatpants, dressing for comfort can say a lot about someone. Jogger suits have been statement pieces for some time and will continue to be a fashion trend that won’t go out of style. These suits serve as a two-in-one that can be worn around the house or out in public. Able to be paired with your favorite sneakers and jewelry, those who wear it rock not only a sporty and casual look, but also can show how comfort and style can go together.


DON’T Dress Uncomfortably

When it comes to wearing clothes that you deem revealing or tight, what matters is how you feel about what you wear. Others may find those garments comforting but some may not prefer it. Many today are rocking the body-fitting clothing to embrace the curves that they were blessed with. Scrolling through Instagram or searching for style inspirations, you may come across the form-fitting, revealing clothes on models, celebrities, and everyday people. If this style attracts you, be confident when you wear it. If that style seems too much for you, don’t feel pressured into wearing it because you see others in it. Don’t feel as if you won’t get complimented on your looks, because you know your own worth.


DO Express Yourself

Fashion can be all about making a statement. Rocking all black or mix-matching colors and patterns is perfectly fine. How you present yourself is up to you and how you feel. People are blessed with talents which they can use to express themselves, but fashion can also be a way to show expression. However you feel, using fashion to express a new feeling or make a statement can be the cherry on top of newfound confidence in your style.

Don’t impress others

As a universal language, fashion is never about the competition, but instead about the inspiration. We’ve all heard the infamous words ‘dress to impress’; however, don’t. The only person you need to impress is yourself;  your styling should never be anyone else’s concern. You are unique in your own way. Don’t let the influence of others dictate you and how you strut your style and confidence.