Sunday, July 3, 2022




The fashion industry took one of the hardest hits due to not only the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the economic depression and the global social movement, Black Lives Matter. It came to the point where everyone involved has had completely rethink every aspect of the industry: one major part being the upcoming fashion weeks! Just like many other events this year, Fashion Weeks will be virtual. 

Here are some pros and cons about this big change in the industry:


  1. Shows that the fashion industry cares about the pandemic and will go to any measure to stop spreading the virus.
  2. Gives designers a challenge to rethink how they will showcase their designs. Virtual fashion shows are not new to the fashion industry. However, they were always an add-on to having a live show. Going all virtual will allow designers to use new resources to make sure viewers can get almost the same experience as being at the show physically. 
  3. Content becomes equally accessible to everyone.
  4. The stress of scheduling, timing, and seating at a physical event is eliminated. 
  5. Virtual fashion shows will allow designers to create even more extravagant experiences through new technologies such as CGI, 3D design, body mapping, and image capture. 


  1. The decrease in ready-made clothing and an increase in tailor-made options. This is a pro in terms of contributing to saving the environment. However, today’s consumer expects speed when ordering online. Making products based on an order will increase the time in which the consumer receives the order, which may end up in disinterest in the brand. 
  2. Fashion is about the experience; everything that goes into a real fashion show, down to the genre of music playing, allows viewers to understand the vision behind the showcased designs. Many argue that virtual shows take away from the emotion behind the physical show. 
  3. Content being equally accessible to everyone can also be a con because many shopping expensive fashion brands prey on exclusivity. With everyone having the same amount of access, this may put a damper on brands and their sales. 

As someone immersed in the fashion industry, it will be very exciting to see how the fashion industry takes on this challenge of incorporating traditional fashion show techniques into virtual showcases. For more information about fashion shows going virtual and various designer’s opinions on this topic, take a look at these articles!