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When it comes to skincare, women over 30 should begin caring for their skin more as collagen and elasticity slowly start to diminish

Follow this easy guide and remix your beauty routine to look your best effortlessly while saving you time and costly invasive procedures.

Daily Routine

The easiest step toward developing healthy skin habits is simply developing a daily routine that you can do at home just 2 times per day. Follow these simple steps to get the ball rolling.


You’ll want to use a cleanser that removes all traces of makeup and effects of the harsh environment that we experience daily. Depending on your skin type you may want to use a hydrating cleanser to add moisture if you have dry skin or an oil free cleanser if you are naturally oily. There are many types of cleansers on the market and they come in many different forms and serve different purposes. For example;

Gels– are a type of foaming cleanser that is useful for those with oily skin as they often include ingredients that help to dry up oils in the skin.

Lotions– are water based and typically best for normal/combination skin as they do not strip the skin of it’s natural PH balance. They can be formulated to specifically target skin conditions such as dehydration and sensitivity.

Creams– also water based, creams are useful for dry/mature skin that needs added moisture. Since creams cleansers are often heavier than other types of cleansers they are best removed with a cloth or a toner to remove any leftover residue.


Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells. The end result is healthy, glowy skin. There are 2 popular forms of exfoliation, mechanical or chemical.

Mechanical– exfoliation consists of a product that includes micro beads to gently slough off the skin. For mature skin using an exfoliator that contains AHA’s is best. Mechanical should be done 1-2 times per week depending on your skin’s sensitivity level.

Chemical–  exfoliation consists of visiting your local esthetician for a non invasive chemical peel. Dead skin cells are gently dissolved over a period of a few visits to reveal youthful skin. It also can help to lighten any hyper-pigmentation concerns.



Masks are a wonderful addition to any skin care routine when done at least once per week. They can be used to hydrate, tighten, and brighten the skin. There are many types of masks on the market so feel free to experiment and have fun while finding the right one that fits your skin type. Take caution and check the ingredients if you are allergy prone.


Keeping your skin well hydrated is key in combating anti aging. Use moisturizers geared toward mature skin. Remember, oil based moisturizers are best for dry skin and water based are best for oily skin.


Sunscreen could easily be considered the most important part in your daily routine. The sun plays a huge role in how our skin ages and you want to be sure to block out harmful UV rays. While your foundation typically contains an SPF 15 in the ingredients, our skin requires an SPF 50 or higher to ensure full protection. Re-apply every few hours when outside and wear a hat when possible.


After completing the steps above you’ll want to close down your pores and seal it all in with a toner. Avoid using toners that contain alcohol to avoid any unnecessary drying of the skin. A favorite  is Thayers alcohol free or witch hazel misted on the face.

Remix your daily for a healthy anti-aging skin care routine and you will see results in no time!

Beauty Contributor Stephanie J.

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