Wednesday, May 25, 2022




Grooming Picks………..

Get ready to clear some space on your vanity and share that bathroom mirror. Male grooming (read beauty) is a rapidly growing industry with more and more products being created with the fellas in mind. Here are our Luxe Hot Picks for November.

Sheet Masks
The k-beauty revolution has introduced us to sheets masks en masse designed to target everything from dehydration and breakouts to signs of aging, and the boys are here for it. This Luxe fave is designed to address their thicker skin and wider faces.

          Missha For Men Skin Rescue Sheet Mask ($2.50)

Makeup For Men
When Daniel Kaluuya announced his glowing skin was the result of Fenty foundation, I could have sworn I heard a collective sigh of relief. Now Chanel has launched its first line of makeup for men in South Korea. Boy by Chanel is named for Gabrielle Chanel’s muse Boy Capel and includes tinted fluid for face, matte lip balm and four shades of brow color. Can guy-liner be far behind?

Gender Neutral Fragrances
Brands like Tom Ford have been doing it for years but more brands are moving towards scents designed to express individuality rather than gender.

Diptyque Philosykos Eau De Toilette ($95)

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