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Have you ever wondered how to match your foundation? Or how to figure out what tone your skin is so you can choose that perfect rouge lipstick or blush. I’m going to share with you the pros secret to figuring that out and how we always seem to know how to pick out that perfect foundation for you.
First you’re going to want to flip your wrist over so you can see you veins. If your veins are green in tone, then you are warm tone. Second you’re going to hold a piece of white paper next to your skin. Ever wonder why we always want bright white lights? This is why. If your skin casts a yellow tone or gold tone on the paper, then that would also indicate you’re warm tone. Obviously, if you have blue veins you’re cool and if you don’t cast a yellow tone on the paper you’re probably cool tone.
The 3rd way is by your choice in jewelry. That’s right! If you tend to pick gold jewelry because it looks best on you, you’re mostly likely warm toned. If you tend to choose silver jewelry then you’re probably cool tone.
So now that we have that figured out we can easily figure out what shades of blush and lipstick best compliment you. As well as your foundation. Now it’s no longer a mystery of what one will look good on you, all you have to do is figure out the color level. It’s usually best to try 3. Then you can easily see which one melts into your skin tone. One will usually be too light, which can tend to make you look washed out, aged, or ashy. One may be too dark, which will be apparent as well. So now that you have all our pro secrets you can go confidently into the makeup counters to choose your perfect match. As well as what blushes and lipsticks pop best for you!
As for the best complexion underneath your makeup I suggest 4 easy steps.

Cleanse, Tone, Serum, and Moisturizer.

Depending on your skin type I would also recommend you exfoliate 1-3 times a week and do at least one mask a week. One of my favorite cleansers is clean and clear for over the counter and Clarins orange one step cleanser for my professional choice. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this one before so I won’t go on and on but, it’s amazing. As far as toners, you want to use a softening toner to not strip your skin and throw off the
ph levels. Bobbi Brown has a great one, as well as Dior’s many options for different skin types.
As for serums, they go before your moisturizer. They our the purest form of anti-aging treatment you can use for your skin. If you want to see extreme results in your skin, I highly recommend you use this for preventative and corrective work. For moisturizers I recommend you indulge in, “Apeiro,” moisturizers. Your skin will thank you. It not only feels amazing but, literally repairs skin, turning back the clock on aging. Use morning and night on clean skin. “The Royal Scepter,” collection is the ultimate luxe treatment for your
With all these pro tips go out confidently and conquer the beauty world !
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