Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Summer is around the corner, and the beauty trends are heating up with the temperature! With this season holding more comfortable, less layered clothing to defeat those sticky, sweaty feelings, it’s important that your makeup doesn’t fall victim to the infamous sweaty sheen that turns into a makeup disaster. This summer’s trends focus on making your face the statement piece, rather than the multiple elements of fabric in your outfit.

Do you know how to go about this? No? Well, compiled below are makeup trends in summer you should check out:

Bold Lip Look

Bold lips. It is common knowledge that with summer comes a lot of moisture on the skin, so if you don’t want to wear makeup that you feel will smudge quickly or will need frequent touch-ups–but you still want to look hot–then opt for bold lip colors and slay on.

Bright Eye Shadow

Bright eyeshadow. Wearing this particular trend will make the wearer a showstopper as this look focuses on the eyes. With many cosmetic brands and colors to pick from, you can go ahead and adorn yourself in this daring yet endearing look.

Bronze Make-up look

Bronzed look. This sun-filtered, warm look is definitely a trend you should go for. You can have this by either using a bronzer in place of your blush or by getting a whole-face, bronzed look with the use of bronze highlights, gold eyeshadows, and nude glosses. You could also opt for the bronzed body look. To do this, either add a bronzer to a little amount of your moisturizer for your arms and feet or mix into your moisturizer a foundation that is a little darker than your body shade.

Glitter Shimmer Look

Glitters. “Shimmer and shine” is a phrase that aptly describes this look. Whether you want to add glitter to your eyeshadow, your eyeliner, or use these as embellishments for your lips, sparkles are a summer makeup trend whose train you would love to join.


Glossy LipsGlossy lips. There is no better way to mimic the summer season than to sport glossy lips. This trend that will leave your lips popping can either be worn along with defined brows, mascaras, and well-sculpted cheeks or with minimal makeup.


No make Look

“No makeup” makeup look. This trend involves you doing makeup that is minimalistic, simple, and seemingly natural yet elegant. This look would leave you feeling effortlessly fresh.


Just because it is summer does not mean you should stow away your makeup box, go with any of these trends and you will be glad you did.