Saturday, June 25, 2022




Every child grows up with different perceptions of life based on their exposure to certain factors. A loving home, the media, their peers, and the society are all important factors that contribute to how every individual resonates with life. Exposure to each and every one of these factors makes an individual into what he/she might turn out to be in the nearest future. For the longest time, the world has been run based on social constructs. Gender roles, colorism, and certain standards of beauty are considered acceptable all over the world. This can sometimes make individuals that do not conform feel intimidated and pressured to change their beliefs.

It is, however, important for every person to understand that their looks do not define them. It doesn’t matter what constructed area or standard of beauty you might be struggling with; weight, skin tone, hair texture, freckles, acne, or stretch marks. You have to realize that you are more than what meets the eye. You are beautiful regardless. True beauty starts from within and without feeling beautiful on the inside, you will not truly feel beautiful on the outside.

Self Love

The best way to feel beautiful from within is by practicing self-love. Self-love is all it takes to feel beautiful and confident. Loving your body, mind, spirit, and soul is the first step. How do you practice self-love you ask? Here are a few tips.


Taking better care of yourself is the first approach to self-love. Clean up your personal space, wash and moisturize your hair, exercise, and eat healthily.

Protect Your Energy:

Setting boundaries and staying away from things you do not need is essential. This includes bad habits and people. You don’t need negative vibes and it is completely okay to stay away from them.

Live & Be Happy:

A lot of people go through life feeling unworthy of love and happiness. This is a wrong approach and could mess with you psychologically. You are worthy of living a life full of adventures and fun. Make mistakes. Fall in love and be happy.

Once you begin to love and give yourself the best, no one can stop you. True beauty starts from within, and you are capable of making this happen.