Thursday, May 26, 2022




When you are thinking about the ‘70s, one of the most popular influences that you may think of is disco. During the ‘70s, disco was the main theme in many clubs and parties, and one of the most notable items of disco-themed parties is the iconic disco ball. 

Everyone all around would come and enjoy the beautiful lights given off by the disco ball and dance the night away listening to the funky music. Disco-themed parties incorporated bright neon colors, funky music, animated clothing and an overall good time. 

Each disco ball is made up of about 1,600 one-way mirrors that form a transparent acrylic sphere. Disco balls were a major symbol of the time and attracted crowds of people all around to enjoy. Over the years disco-themed parties and even the inclusion of the iconic disco ball in nightlife slowly started to decline.

Nevertheless, one major piece of disco has started to gain popularity recently—but not in the way you may think. Forget about the funky music and outrageous parties and imagine a new accessory to add to your home décor. That’s right; the iconic nightlife symbol can also be used as an addition to your kitchen or bedroom or even as a piece of art to add to your favorite room. 

You can use a disco ball as the center of attention in your living room or study by hanging it from the ceiling. The disco ball will hang in the center of the room and give the space an elegant look.

David Tsay, “HGTV”

Disco balls can be placed on the floor as an accent piece to give the room an extra dose of class. Also, if you place the disco ball in an area that receives light, the light will reflect off the mirrors, giving the whole room a glittery effect.

“House Delicious”

Disco balls can also be placed in bowls and on tables as accents. Disco balls come in all different shapes and sizes. Accents are essential in home decor because they help bring the room to life and allow you to display your unique style. Not only can they be placed on tables, but they can also be placed on side tables, bookcases, mantels, the floor or even near the corner area of the room to give off an iconic look. 

Various sizes of disco balls should be used if you are using a vase, bowl or basket to compliment the table it is being placed on and the overall décor of the room. You can even get creative by cutting off the top of a disco ball and placing a plant inside, making your own personal planter.

Kara Whitton, “A Beautiful Mess”

Disco balls are an amazing accessory piece to add to your home, and there are several ways to incorporate them into your home décor. Whichever look you choose will surely give your room a beautiful and sophisticated appearance for everyone to admire.