Tuesday, May 24, 2022




Grab your favorite cozy knit because fall is nearly here! September brings feelings of comfort and the scent of caramel apple spice lattes and pumpkin candles wafting through crisp, chilled air. The passing of the seasons is fascinating to see. Trees signal to leaves that it is time to fall in preparation for winter to make way for sprouting new leaves in the springtime. On the streets tank tops are swapped for flannels and sneakers are exchanged for boots. As Mother Earth and fashion make space for change, it is a perfect time for you to take inventory of your clothes and declutter your closet. 

For starters I recommended that you declutter your closet at least once per year. In the name of fashion, you can make space for the latest trends by cleaning out your closet at the end of each season. If you want to make room for that new trench coat you’ve been eyeing, let me help you sort and declutter your closet, girlfriend!

Rule #1: Bet on the Basics

The general consensus is that if someone calls you basic, it is by no means a compliment. However, in fashion, basic is not exactly a bad thing. A couple pairs of blue jeans are a staple because they can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Basics are core pieces in your wardrobe that you can pair your more trendy, seasonal pieces with. Hang on to these basics in your closet:

  • Dark and light wash denim 
  • White skinny denim 
  • White button down 
  • Clean white tee 
  • Go-to dress for day to night 
  • Work blazer 
  • Comfy leggings 
  • Booties 
  • Flats

Rule #2: Ditch the Wildcards

Before you come for me about that bold print item you purchased last year on your girls trip and swore you would wear but don’t—you know the one—hear me out. Our wardrobe tends to change with the passing of the seasons and understandably so with the drastic changes in weather—except for you gals in South Florida. Most fashion trends come and go but never leave the closet after a few times of wear. Special occasion pieces may be necessary to keep, but move these to the far end of your closet. If you want to make space for newer items it is crucial that you let go of outdated pieces. While you’re at it, clear your closet of these wildcards: 

  • Old pieces that have been with you through decades 
  • Poorly fitting pieces (no matter how expensive they may have been) 
  • Torn, ragged pieces 
  • Duplicates (except for jeans)

Rule #3: Let it Go

Once you come to terms with removing the wildcards from your closet, what do you do? Let it go. You have options for getting rid of clothes: store, donate, recycle, sell. If you have gone through your entire closet and set aside what needs to be removed, consider storing your items in another location. Donating clothes is a great way to support nonprofit and charitable organizations. When donating items, you can breathe easily knowing your clothes will be put to good use. Organizations like Goodwill use revenue from donations to provide training and employment opportunities. Throwing away clothes should be your last resort because if not handled properly, it can be harmful to the environment. Recycling proves to be a safer alternative to throwing clothes away and can even be done at some of your favorite retailers. If entrepreneurship is your thing, selling clothes on sites like Poshmark may be ideal.

Rule #4: Acknowledge Your Feelings

Clearing your closet can leave you with feelings of grief and guilt. Naturally, we develop feelings of attachment to our possessions the longer we keep them. This is why it is important to acknowledge that it is perfectly okay to feel anything but happy after clearing your closet. Reminding yourself that you are contributing to a larger cause like the environment or changing someone’s life by recycling and donating clothes, may help ease uncomfortable feelings. You may also find comfort in the extra cash in your account as an exchange for unwanted clothes. If all else fails, realize that clothes come and go with the seasons. Decluttering your closet gives you the opportunity to tidy up and make space for new pieces!