Tuesday, May 24, 2022




Minimalism has become a popular topic over these past few years in various design fields. It is often associated with peace of mind and decreased stress levels. With minimalism in our spaces and wardrobes, we gain more space in our minds for the joy of life.

The fashion industry in particular has shifted in many directions in recent times, even with larger labels such as Kanye West’s clothing line. The fundamentals of a minimalist style are as follows: 

  1. Neutral palette 

The basis of minimalism often revolves around browns, nudes, greys and navy, which serve as wonderful bases for layering without the potential of clashing. Bright colors are often not  part of the minimalist trend. 

A trick to instantly achieve minimalism is through monochromatic looks. This is perfect when putting together an outfit because clashing will never be a problem! Neutral colors provide the eyes with a very soothing and serene visual, especially in busy eras like the current one.


  1. Minimal harsh lines and edges 

Minimalism is soft and gentle. When translated into the fashion realm, minimalism often appears in the form of comfortable and flowy pieces. 

Simple silhouettes are the foundation of the minimalist style. Whether it be hoodies, flowy pants or simple tote bags, these soft and simple forms are pleasing to the eye—just like the neutral palette aspect of minimalist fashion. 


  1. Plain and natural materials

The fabric surfaces of minimalist items are often plain in textures and materials. Fibers such as linen and cotton for warmer seasons and wool for colder seasons are often the prime materials for minimalist fashion. 


These nature-associated fabrics automatically evoke a sense of simplicity and minimalism when combined with the other previously mentioned elements. 

  1. Simple accessories 

Lastly, to complete a minimalist look, consider plain silhouettes paired perfectly with simple accessories, such as sneakers or beanies.Not only will they complete the look, but they will also instantly elevate the style. 

Give minimalistic fashion a go and look forever timeless!