Thursday, May 26, 2022




Summer months mean it’s time for a new do, but finding the perfect trend for you can be a daunting tax. Lighter or darker? Longer or shorter? Curls or straight? This summer, keeping your hair light in weight and color will give it a fresh, cool feel for the warm weather.


Credit / Daniel Bounliane via Unsplash

Beach waves—always a popular choice—can be styled with any length of hair. Different types of perms can achieve this look, but certain hair types can also retain beach waves after removing braids, or through the use of styleizers or heating tools. 

Find what works for you and rock the beach waves even when you can’t be laying in the sun. Keep your beach waves light and fresh with golden highlights and copper undertones. 

Warm shades are best for warmer months, as they radiate light and energy. Opt for ombre hair coloring for a soft, trendy feel, or disperse tones throughout for a more natural, subtle look. 


Ready to take the plunge and cut off some length? Find a bob cut that suits your face and hair type. 


For thicker hair, opt for a mid-length cut with long layers, and ask your stylist to frame your face with side bangs. For thinner hair, focus on short layers throughout. For bold and stylized mid-length haircuts, aim for an asymmetric cut, or a bob that’s long in the front and short in the back. 

If you aren’t ready to commit to permanently cutting your hair, then try a faux bob! It’s as simple as styling your hair as desired, then taking the extra length and twisting and pinning it underneath your hair to achieve a shorter look.

Bangs are a great way to accentuate your features and try a new style, but summer months can be detrimental to bangs as the heat can cause frizziness, create unwanted volume and cause your forehead to sweat much more than normal. However, if you love bangs or have been wanting to give them a go, request light and wispy bangs for a softer, cooler look. 

There are many different hairstyles and updos to keep hair out of your face and off your neck. Simple and traditional options include various types of braids for different hair types, half-up half-down styles and different kinds of buns and ponytails. 

A particular trendy style that can be worn in many ways is space buns, or half space buns! For full space buns, create a bun on each side of your head—it can be braided, curled or messy depending on the look you’re going for. To achieve a half version, style your hair as desired and create buns using only half of your hair and leaving the rest down. For both looks, frame your face with soft wisps or thin strands of hair for a picture-worthy aesthetic!


Credit / Charnelle Lakey via Instagram

Whether it be year round or in the summer, natural hair is a beautiful and empowering manner of wearing your hair. Trends may come and go, but your natural hair—whether it be curly, straight, thin or anything in between—will always be with you. Embrace it and cherish it, and show the world your natural beauty. 

No matter your hair type, aesthetic or style, there is a hairstyle that will be your best friend this summer and prevent frizzy volume and sticky, sweaty skin. Find something you love and perfect it for a cool, flawless summer.