Tuesday, May 24, 2022




When you’re preparing to become a bride, you face a long to-do list, but achieving a flawless, long-lasting, photo-friendly makeup look does not need to be the most stressful task on that list.

The key to finding the perfect full face of bridal makeup? Knowing how to trick the camera.

photo by Karol Makula photography

When it comes to bridal makeup and bridal photography, more is more. While that can sound overwhelming, it is all about how the makeup is applied.

First, research and sample different foundations until you find your perfect fita foundation that provides a complimentary finish and breathable wear that lasts all day. There is a foundation out there for you that will compliment your skin and skin type. Once you find your perfect foundation, the 

To achieve a full coverage look with a natural finish, cream products are crucial. Instead of starting off with powder products such as bronzer or blush, start off with cream contour, cream blush and liquid highlighter. Then, set your foundation with powder. 

When left resting atop other makeup, powder products often cause a caked effect. The cream products will be pressed into your foundation rather than left sitting on top of your face. 

photo from glaminati.com

When setting your face with pressed or translucent powder, avoid choosing true white powder at all costs! Bridal photography uses lots of flash, and white powders often leave a white cast. 

In addition to avoiding white powder, stay away from the baking technique if it is not necessary. Baking the face can be helpful for people with normal to oily skin, but for people with normal to dry skin texture, baking can be your worst enemy, as it will only add to the possibility of creasing. 

Lip gloss is always a fun touch, but a satin or matte lipstick will last longer. You can create a matte look with any shade of your choice by lightly placing a tissue atop the lipstick on your lips and dusting a small amount of translucent powder over it. Don’t forget to prime the lips prior with a moisturizing lip treatment. 

photo from Byrdie.com

The most important step for creating a flawless bridal makeup look is trial and error. Whether you’re hiring a professional makeup artist or doing your own makeup, you’re always going to want to run a trial prior to the big day. Play around with different looks and useful tips, and you are sure to find your best bridal look.