Wednesday, May 25, 2022



The season of changing leaves colored with beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow and green has arrived—and so has vibrant makeup to match it. The eyes have always been the staple point of most makeup looks, and people continue developing methods to make these features even more captivating than they already are. Usually, many people lean towards natural makeup trends, but with the way our lives have been impacted this year, many makeup-users are venturing out and using more color in their looks while stuck inside.

As you can see, the focal point of this makeup look is the eyes. Oftentimes, all it takes is one or two colors to really embolden the look. Instead of choosing a black or brown eyeliner, you could opt for another eyeshadow color, such as white or red. Even loosely applying a bright eyeshadow will  appear effortless.

Not everyone is the same. If you have a different eye shape, try to apply your eye makeup accordingly, or experiment with different styles to discover what looks best. 

If you have a more visible eyelid, you can try a cut-crease eyeliner or add gloss over your eyeshadow to brighten up the finished look. Others who have hooded eyelids might want to adjust the placement of their eyeliner, adding it to spots that show more clearly, such as the inner and outer corners of the eye. They can even experiment by placing eyeliner below the eyebrow to act like lineart. 

Another style to try is applying eyeliner on the bottom lid or extending eyeshadow from the inner corner of your eye up to your brow bone. Even a disconnected cut crease looks great on many eye shapes.

Clearly, the idea is to play up your natural features and appear effortlessly charismatic while rocking these colorful makeup looks. You don’t need to know how to blend flawlessly or draw a perfect straight line. There are many people placing eyeliner where they deem fit for their facial structures, and many are taking on a more abstract perspective. Above all else, do what feels best to you and make the most of your time while stuck inside.