Thursday, May 26, 2022




Women in the beauty industry are strong, independent and hardworking—especially when it comes to building a brand from the ground up. Prime examples of powerful women in the industry include Pat McGrath, Rihanna Fenty, Chichi Eburu and Cashmere Nicole; these boss ladies are women of color who aimed to expand the beauty community so that it was inviting for everybody. They made their brands stand out by emphasizing that they are for everyone—and especially for women of color who desired a brand that made them feel supported, beautiful and wanted. 

Rihanna’s Fenty line launched on September 8, 2017. She hoped to focus not solely on women of color, but also on the inclusivity of men and anyone else who wanted to be part of the beauty community. Through her line, she has spurred on progress and change within the beauty industry, particularly by expanding foundation ranges and making 40+ shades mandatory. 

McGrath was a world-renowned makeup artist before she founded Pat McGrath Labs in 2016. She wanted her brand to display her artistry, and she emphasized that there are no boundaries when it comes to making a difference in the world of beauty, regardless of your background. McGrath started from nothing and created a legacy with people all over the fashion and beauty world; thus, she wanted to spread her message to everyone. 

Juvia’s Place was created in 2015 to embody the origins of beauty that stemmed from the vibrant colors seen in Africa. Eburu hoped for her brand to display the boldness and fierceness seen in African royalty. Many of the techniques found in the beauty industry today have been passed down from the same individuals who inspired Eburu’s entire brand. 

Lastly, Nicole created Beauty Bakerie in 2011. She began running her own beauty company in Riverside at a young age.  Nicole was inspired to enact change in the industry in order to make it a better place for her daughter, and after witnessing the public demand for change, she decided to put her foot down and start something new. 

These women made a change in the beauty industry by inviting women of color to express themselves. They crafted a more welcoming world of beauty. Thanks to these boss ladies, the industry is undergoing dramatic change.