Tuesday, May 24, 2022




Beauty is a concept defined differently by different people, though its meaning is often limited to describe looks. It has been reflected in the fashion, magazine, and entertainment industries, as well as many others. This idea was created to divide society and prey on insecurities felt by those who look different than the average “model.” We have been taught that our flaws and differences are non-desirable traits and are even offered a “cure” by plastic surgeons, as if that will solve any sort of issue and create the beauty we have believed to have been missing. We should be preaching body positivity, and what real beauty looks like, without Photoshop. I believe that beauty is embracing our differences and having the confidence to accept that our flaws are what make us beautiful. Celebrating yourself is so important. There is no other “you,” and you should be proud of that!

Beauty does not and never has belonged to one look, one face, one thing; beauty is universal, it is all around us, in everything and everyone. To be beautiful is to be kind; to be beautiful is to see the beauty in differences and to teach others to see the same. It is our generation that will rewrite the definitions that have bound us as a society, to scrap the competition between one another to be or have the most beautiful. Beauty is realizing that another person’s beauty does not take away your own but creates a more beautiful world around us. Beauty is limitless. It is an experience that can be created at any time and anywhere, even out of the most unpleasant of situations. We can argue what or who is the most beautiful, but true beauty is realizing that there should be no competition; all of our flaws are the most beautiful parts of us all.

We must also consider the beauty of the mind; how our actions, words, personalities, and interactions influence our beauty. What good is a pretty face with a nasty and unappealing personality? Practicing kindness and compassion, and spreading love and positivity, are acts that make someone beautiful. Looking for the good in the bad and teaching others to share the positivity they feel are other acts of beauty. Helping those in need is another beautiful action. I am sure you get the point. What we want you to understand is that there is more to beauty than a pretty face. Beauty is signified by actions and traits and is more than the faces you see on billboards and magazines.

I believe we should all celebrate the beauty within us every day, and make a conscious effort to uplift others! Check out our beauty blog for our Luxe Beauty of the Month posts to see some of the amazing women we find beautiful and why!