Sunday, July 3, 2022




Summer was great! BBQ’s, pool parties, long days at the beach, and beautiful summer weather! Along with that came sun exposure, chlorine, and hot & humid weather. Now fall is here and so is cooler weather which equal breakouts! All of the oil produced in the skin during the summer months now becomes trapped under dead skin cells due to the cold weather. Scary right?! Well, there’s no need to fear, we’ve got you covered with 7 simple steps to keep that summer glow for the rest of the year!

Step 1-  Cleanse 2 times daily.

You’ll want to rid your face from all of the impurities that occur during the outside environment throughout the day as well as at night while you sleep so be sure to wash your face first thing in the morning and right before bed. An oil free cleanser is best as you will not want to add to the oil already trapped under the dead skin. ($27)

Step 2- Don’t over exfoliate!

When we think of dead skin, we often think of exfoliation as a method of removal for glowing skin. While this is true, too much of it will strip the skin causing it to become dry and forcing the skin to overcompensate by producing too much oil. Stick to 1 time per week using a gentle exfoliant such as an oatmeal scrub, and follow up with a hydrating mask for best results. ($7.99)


Step 3- Use an oil free moisturizer.

As you can see there is a going trend here, OIL FREE! Use a good hydrating moisturizer daily, but avoid any with oil in them.

Step 4- Use a mineral or oil free SPF

Now that summer is gone a lot of people don’t think to use sunscreen. I get it, it’s cooler outside and sometimes even a bit gloomy. However, the sun’s harmful UV rays are still out and can cause irreversible damage such as skin cancer, aging, and hyperpigmentation so be sure to apply in the morning and throughout the day! ($14.99)


Step 5- Change your pillowcase.

While this may seem like a no-brainer, unfortunately, it is one of the most forgotten attributes in relation to acne. Change your pillowcase at least once a week and a silk one is best.

Step 6- Clean your makeup brushes.

Yet another no brainer that a lot of people tend to forget! Makeup brushes can harbor so much bacteria especially when used daily. You will want to use a brush cleaner and paper towel (Cinema Secrets or Elf are great) to clean daily. Rubbing Alcohol(70%) is also a great way to cleanse in between use. Once a week you should do a deeper cleanse with baby shampoo, Dawn antibacterial soap or another mild cleanser to cleanse them fully, Follow up with a spritz of alcohol and lay flat to dry. Remember to cleanse the bristles only and not to soak the handle (fennel) as this will cause your brushes to fall apart sooner.

Step 7- Visit your local Esthetician or Dermatologist

Regular monthly visits to an esthetician can help keep you up on the best skincare routine for your skin type and also help to reduce acne. For those that develop severe acne a visit to a dermatologist can help by providing you with prescription medications that can help to reduce inflammation and cystic acne.

Contributed by Stephanie J. @stephjstyles