Wednesday, August 10, 2022

About Luxe Kurves Magazine

Luxe Kurves Magazine is an online lifestyle publication for “kurvy” and plus size women, and trend setting men. We showcase the elegance and style of these women and men in fashion, beauty, entertainment, music, health, travel, politics, and more. Our vision is to be the #1 lifestyle source for women of color in the plus-size industry; and our mission…to showcase this lifestyle in such a way that it enhances self-worth and expands the minds of our readers.

Our Amazing Team

Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee “Kurvy” J is a fashion editor, media personality, a highly sought after speaker, and author. She empowers women to embrace the best of themselves through self-acceptance and personal growth. Recognizing the need to kick-down barriers as a plus-size woman, she is on a mission to make being a confident “Kurvy” woman mainstream! Brandee J has interviewed celebrities, fashion designers, models, and has covered some of the country’s hottest events.

Alyssa Palumbo


Alyssa is a recent graduate from West Chester University with a BS in Marketing and a Minor in Journalism. She is going on to pursue her MS in Social Media & Mobile Marketing at Pace University while also working full time as a Public Relations Associate for Medical Dynamics in NYC! Alyssa is a fitness junkie and enjoys traveling to new places! She has a passion for fashion & is super excited to work with Luxe!

Giavanna DiGiacomo


Giavanna DiGiacomo is a recent graduate of Immaculata with a BA in English Secondary Education with minors in Psychology & Philosophy. As someone who loves to think and analyze, Giavanna plans on pursuing a graduate degree with the hopes of getting her PhD in the future. As she gears up for her first position as a sixth grade ELA & History teacher at a Catholic school in Philadelphia, she looks forward the future of both her life and Luxe! Giavanna enjoys reading, writing, and analyzing reruns of her favorite TV shows in her spare time. She is constantly grateful and enjoys the work of honoring the message of Luxe and bringing new voices to her team.