Tuesday, July 7, 2020

About Luxe Kurves Magazine

Luxe Kurves Magazine is an online lifestyle publication for “kurvy” and plus size women, and trend setting men. We showcase the elegance and style of these women and men in fashion, beauty, entertainment, music, health, travel, politics, and more. Our vision is to be the #1 lifestyle source for women of color in the plus-size industry; and our mission…to showcase this lifestyle in such a way that it enhances self-worth and expands the minds of our readers.

Our Amazing Team

Brandee Kurvy J


BrandeeJ.com | @brandeekurvyj
Brandee “Kurvy” J is a fashion editor, media personality, a highly sought after speaker, and author. She empowers women to embrace the best of themselves through self-acceptance and personal growth. Recognizing the need to kick-down barriers as a plus-size woman, she is on a mission to make being a confident “Kurvy” woman mainstream! Brandee J has interviewed celebrities, fashion designers, models, and has covered some of the country’s hottest events.

Nora Bonds


@Only Talent Management
Nora Bonds is a professional Talent Agent from Alexandria VA. Nora spent majority of her adult life as Operations Management for public transit services in the DC metro area before deciding to starting her own Talent Agency (Only Talent Management) in 2015. Nora understands what drives businesses internal and external consumer needs and has achieved success with well-established brands and companies such as Veolia Transportation and First Transit Transportation.

Karol Young Moses


ICArtistry.com | @beautyby_karol
Karol Young Moses is a make up artist and beauty exert with more than 15 years of experience with all ages and skin tones. Specializing in make up for film and television, she also works her “natural glam” magic on the runway, in print, and on the red carpet. She shares tips, tricks, and trends online and also appears regularly on camera providing makeup and beauty tips to television viewers.

Rachael Stewart


Website | @thatonegirlrachael
Rachael Stewart is a freelance wellness blogger whose passion is to help people live a well balanced and happy life through diet, exercise, self acceptance, and realistic approaches to health. She has learned from her own health journey that wellness shouldn’t be over-complicated and draining and wants to empower others to learn how to love themselves, live their lives fully, and learn to tune out the over abundance of quick fixes that society offers.

Lady A


ItsLadyA.com | @itsl80a
April “LADY A” Laster hold many titles such as Media Mogul, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and soon to be Author holding down 17 plus years of experience in the entertainment industry. This charming and humorous young woman completes her passion in the industry by her transparent approach that is highly respected and admired amongst her peers and colleagues in the industry. Among various circles of friendships, relationships and community professionals, LADY A has been all over the world to host and speak at some of the biggest events in entertainment as well as interview some of the most influential A list figures in Politics, Entertainment and Sports.