Thursday, May 26, 2022



You finally have a date for your wedding! All the excitement and nervousness take over as you start thinking of all the planning you have to do. From the smallest details to the biggest, it seems like a never-ending list. While months of planning in advance help, it still might feel like you’re missing something.

To alleviate some of those worries, here are three points of focus — skin, makeup, and hair — for this important day!


  • Skincare routine

That unforgettable look you’re aiming for can’t do its magic if it isn’t supported with a healthy base. Many brands and beauty experts can help you to create a skincare routine that works just for you and your skin type.

  • Water

Appearance can also be affected by what we put in our bodies. Drinking water can help you to keep yourself hydrated and it will reflect on your face by giving it a healthier look.


  • Do your research!
    • Season – Imagine having a glamorous look go to waste because the summertime heat makes your makeup run. Although weather can change, do your best to consider the weather and which look will best fit the day.
    • Makeup artists – When searching for your makeup artist, look over their past work and see if it is similar to your desired look. Makeup artists might know how to accommodate, but that doesn’t mean they have your vision.
    • Makeup ideas – Look for makeup inspo to have a visual idea of what you are looking for. Pictures can also be shown to your makeup artist, so be sure to bring a few to reference.
  • Makeup trial
    • Wear White and Your Desired Hairstyle – Come with the hairstyle you will have at your wedding and wear a white outfit to mimic your wedding dress. This way, you can picture how everything looks together.
  • Waterproof Products – Weddings are emotional, especially when it’s your own. Make sure your makeup stays intact no matter how many tears you drop during the event.
  • Personal Touch – Bring your favorite makeup products to the trial. Giving the look your personal touch can give you a well-deserved confidence-boost.
  • Keep products with you – You might need a fresh swipe of lipstick or what have you on your big day, so keep your makeup close by.


Just like taking care of your skin and having that captivating makeup look is important, settling on the perfect hairstyle is too. Find a style that shows your personality, whether you are trying to make a statement or be more down to earth. The perfect hairstyle showcases your unique taste and should not only match but enhance the other components of the final look.

With all this put together, make sure to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. Be confident in yourself, take a memory book’s worth of photos, and have a blast!

Contributor: Ingrid Moreno