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Makeup is a key element in HBO’s hit show Euphoria. The teen drama conveys the cruel and harsh realities of many teenagers as they are faced with addiction, sexuality, body-shaming, betrayal, and more. Every character has a personal journey and a fair share of obstacles to overcome. Each character’s individuality, feelings, and personality are represented with very intentional palette choices. Euphoria’s makeup is known for its bold, experimental, boundary-breaking presence, starting a revolution among real-life teenagers.

Euphoria’s makeup artist Doniella Davy constantly shares all the makeup looks she has created on her Instagram. Davy plays around with colors and accessories throughout the series, but always maintains the essence of the characters’ signature styles.

Rue – Emotional and Messy

The main character Rue is constantly struggling with addiction, causing her to have unclear thoughts and feel all over the place. Her makeup is messy and chaotic with smudgy tones. Rue’s palette is artistic and unbothered.

Cassie – Soft and Innocent

Cassie’s makeup look uses soft tones to express innocence. The intention is to reveal her insecurities and constant need for validation through her neutral and classic palette, a look one can never go wrong with.

Maddy – Glamorous and Fierce

Maddy embodies the prom queen persona with her outfits and makeup choices. This character wants to show the world how put-together and confident she is. Her makeup look is the perfect combination of glamorous and fierce, featuring the iconic cat-eye.

Kat – Bold and Rebellious

Kat breaks boundaries with her makeup look, using bold colors to demand the attention she deserves. Her character made a whole transition away from when she used to be shy and unnoticed. Her palette is the right choice when one wants to make a statement and be rebellious.

Jules – Playful and Expressive

Jules is ruled by her emotions, giving her the opportunity to express how she feels through her makeup looks. She uses playful and creative colors, making everyone wonder what her next move will be.

Euphoria takes makeup looks to the next level by adding meaning to every tone and shimmer. Makeup is not only used to accessorize each character but to tell their story, emotions, and personality. The characters have their individual palettes to express themselves and make a statement. Euphoria’s makeup has become powerful enough to transcend the screen to influence millions of teenagers to make their own bold and creative makeup choices.

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