Thursday, May 26, 2022



Lifestyle and Body-Positive Influencer

Ashley Graham is a well-known plus size model, but she is also known for being body positive and influencing women who are more on the Kurvy side to accept and love their bodies. As a model, she has walked the runway and modeled in photoshoots with designers who don’t normally use plus-size women to promote their couture lines.

Ashley once told Glamour magazine that when she was about 18 years old she participated in a group modeling shoot, and there was a woman who was around the same age as her, but was about a size 2-4. The woman had asked her, “Did you really get paid for this job?” Ashley instantly knew she was asking this question because she was plus-size. Until this day, Ashley will never forget what she had once told her all those years ago.

As Ashley Graham promotes the latest fashion trends, she also promotes body positivity and activism towards Kurvy women. As she got older, she learned to better love her body and began to embrace it through modeling, which is what led her to becoming a role model for other plus-size women and young girls who also felt negatively about their body. Ashley Graham is proof that true beauty has no size.

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Personally, we at Luxes Kurves follow this influencer because she has shown us both in her posts and interviews that having Kurves doesn’t mean she can’t rule the world like anyone else. She shows women that it is never too late to do something you are passionate about whether it’s the way you look or how old you are. After having three children she continues to model and continues to advocate for all women and mothers. She wants to show other women and mothers that they can do anything they want no matter the obstacles.  

“Women are the hardest on each other!” Graham has said. “It’s crazy, I don’t understand why.”  So now, she tries her best to encourage women to bring positivity into their lives. To do that, women must stand by each other and build each other up. These are her words to live by:

“Be your own woman. Be your own kind of role model. And remember that the women around you are women you can lift up. You can change their lives.”

Contributor: Amber Ramos