Tuesday, November 30, 2021



Top TikTok Fashion Stars of 2021

TikTok has taken the fashion community by storm, especially during quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coming out of quarantine, everyone wants their fashion to say something about them. People want to be seen and heard, and Tiktok is the perfect platform for this!

Wisdom Kaye, @wisdm8
(Allaire, 2020)

The first must see TikTok-er is Wisdom Kaye. Wisdom is a 19-year-old from Houston, Texas. His outfits riff off the 1970s in a new, modern way and often take cues from Hedi Slimane and Rick Owens who are two of his favorite designers.

Denise Mercedes, @denisemmercedes

The next TikToker is Denise Mercedes, @denisemmercedes, who has 3.5 million followers on TikTok. She is a 27-year-old Dominican plus-size model who became famous off of her hashtag: #Stylenotsize. This is a series where both her and her best friend, who is slimmer, dress in the same outfit and show that it’s all about styling them accordingly rather than what size you are.

Soha Mohammed Taha, @soha.mt

     Next is Soha Mohammed Taha. Soha has 204.6 K followers on TikTok and is present on Instagram too. Soha is a fashion designer and influencer based in Egypt, she also owns her own brand called Soha MT Collection.

Young Emperors, @young_emperors

Lastly there’s Young Emperors. Young Emperors are a couple, consisting of Isabelle Chaput and Melson Tiberghien. They are creative directors, performing artists, and content creators, who wear matching outfits most of the time.


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