Thursday, May 26, 2022




Recently, I interviewed fashion designer Annie Rawr about her day-to-day life, then I spoke with her about her brand promotion and how she handles her market. As the CEO of Peaches and Cream, she wants to transmit emotions through her designs such as femininity, confidence, beauty, and freedom. She gathered some of her inspirations for her tailor-made designs in literature, art from the Renaissance, nature, and the individual stories from her customers.

To guarantee her designs would not be limited by sizes, her brand uses as few clothing closures as possible. Peaches and Cream opts for adjustable bows and ties, allowing many women to wear their preferred design regardless of their silhouette.

When it comes to promotion, social media is her number one tool to reach her customers and advertise her brand. She shared a few ways she shows her fashion, which I believe other fashion designers can relate to, especially after the global COVID-19 pandemic hit. Here are the tips Annie shared:

1. Community on Social Media

Create a community using social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok. Reaching your customers by social media, such as the ones mentioned above, can build a space where fashion pieces can be shown. People can comment, share, like, and help to promote the clothing.

2. Photoshoots
Photoshoots have not gone out of fashion and are still one of the best ways to show new designs. Models will wear the designs, mix and match them with other attires from the same collection, and pose in a background that will emphasize the beauty of the designs.

3. Virtual Fashion Show
Fashion shows were spectacular, the audience witnessed models walking down the runway dressed in new and innovative designs. Even though the global pandemic led to live-streamed shows being canceled, they still must go on while the public can watch it from the comfort of their homes or even on their cellular devices.

4. Catalogs
Creating a virtual catalog is another way to show off the collection. Annie has a catalog for her Peaches and Cream collection and another one for her bridal line, which can be easily shared with her customers through any social media platform.

The beauty about fashion is its diversity and originality including those collections that might bring some old trends back. Fashion designers are the artists of clothes, gifted with the creativity to turn fabric into innovative designs, the same creativity they use to promote their brands and share fashion with the world.