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Tia P. 

“I’m created to love, and spread love. That’s my purpose. I’ve been gifted with the ability to carry that message out to the masses through music.

Tia P. an artist who is showing the industry you can be successful as a female Hip-Hop artist by just being yourself and staying true to your purpose! I’ve always admire Tia P from afar and was so excited to have her on our August cover as she represents everything we stand for! Showing women you can kick ass by being YOU!

Congratulations on being a part of the new Recording Academy Class of 2021! Tell our readers what does that mean for you to be a part of the Recording Academy Class of 2021?

– Why thank you! Also, shout out to my fellow ’21 classmates, some of whom are also my actual friends and classmates from Howard University. H.U.! Plain and simple, as a member of the Recording Academy I can vote on and submit my music to be considered for a Grammy – one of music’s highest honors. Getting selected isn’t guaranteed. You have to be recommended by two current members, and there’s a vetting process. I’m blessed to have people who believe in me, and I’m honored to be a member.

Tell everyone who is Tia P.?

She’s fun. She’s chill. She absolutely loves music and being a creative. I’m an Inglewood native and a mask wearer these days. Ha ha! I’m passionate about making good music. I’m blessed to not only use my gifts for my own music, but also to write and produce for others of multiple genres. If I can have a band at my performances, there will be a band at my performances, because there is nothing like a live band, hip hop or otherwise. Performing live is my superpower. Come to a show and find out why. *wink*

The music industry continues to receive a lot of backlash with the current state of Hip Hop and every artist sounding the same. What are your views on the current state of Hip Hop?

The artist in me sees it like this: I believe every 10-15 years or so, the outliers of music become  what’s popular in music, usually in reaction to its current state. It’s the natural evolution of any influential large movement, historical or otherwise. Kids are getting involved in Hip hop now, so there’s a maturity factor. But, also, there’s no one really guiding them either what do you expect? The businesswoman in me sees this: Until this “backlash” becomes the majority who start shifting their revenue, the blame falls duly on the consumers and the mindset of the industry itself. People forget that Hip-Hop, like all other genres, is under the strings of a puppeteer of called “The Music Business”. Yes, it would be nice to think the money always flows to the music, but it’s the other way around. Professional music studio and marketing tools are accessible to anyone and everyone today. Record labels don’t have the monopoly on who can release music anymore. So now they latch on to every lil rapper tryna sound like whoever’s hot, and ride the wave until the next upgrade comes along, and the cycle continues. Looking, sounding, or being different isn’t encouraged until it’s been proven marketable. Artists gotta wanna be different, too. It’s all game of balance until you reach a certain point, because at the end of the day, music is still a business that all parties involved need to learn.

This being said, I do feel a shift happening, slowly but surely.

What sets Tia P. apart from the other female MC’s in the game?

I think I give a familiar, but fresh vibe. My flow, content, and energy for sure. I love language, wordplay, and storytelling, not just punch lines. I’m a drummer, so playing with rhythms and tempo is something I do naturally which extends into my raps and lyrics. Also, I know I’m cute -hehehe-, but my sexuality doesn’t dominate the content of my music. I’m able to write music for the  corporate world as well when it comes to music placements on commercials and TV shows. Not to mention the fact that I’m not just a female MC. I’m a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and producer. I don’t know how to do anyone else but me. I’m nice on the mic, and I’m nice in person.

Do you feel like being a female rapper is more accepted now?

I feel like It’s always been accepted, but it has also tried to be forced in a certain direction – when in reality, female rappers are actually just a diverse as the men. Hyper-sexuality shouldn’t be the make-or-break factor in female rappers being promoted, respected, or recognized.

Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill have influenced you, what is it about these artists that helped you develop your style?

I loved that they not only sang and rapped, but they were dope at both. They didn’t have to choose. Missy’s sound, in conjunction with Timbaland, was unique and is still banging TO THIS DAY! Oh, and don’t get me started on Missy’s visuals. Supa Dupa Fly changed my life. Some say weird, some say different. I call Missy unafraid and just fun, and that is the same attitude I bring towards my lyrics, visuals, production, and performances.

How did growing up in Inglewood, CA have an impact on as an artist and woman?

Well, Inglewood was just a carved out section in Los Angeles, CA until about 3-4 years ago LA’s backyard I called it.  I grew up, more or less, in an upper-middle class Black neighborhood, in a two parent household. Don’t be fooled, I’m on a hill, but just 1 block away from Crenshaw and few blocks up from Florence Ave. But my neck of the woods allowed me to have an actual childhood; play with the neighborhood kids, become best friends with the girl next door, etc.… I was accustomed to seeing Black people thrive in my community from all walks of life, from my home to my church. I’m a few streets away from The Forum – where the Lakers, who coined the phrase “Showtime” actually used to play. My home church, Faithful Central Bible Church, bought The Forum as their new church location, and saved it from being torn down over a decade ago. Its existence was the precursor to the future Entertainment Mecca Inglewood is becoming. Much like my city, I’ve been making moves for a while, now the “right” people are finally starting to take notice.

Distractions and obstacles insert themselves when pursuing our dreams. What distractions and obstacles have you faced in your career that at one time almost made you give up?

Trying to balance a great love life and creating a career is hard. Being as active as I am, whilst having arthritis, is hard. Getting rejected from A&R’s was hard. Fighting the spirit of procrastination is really hard. Hearing that new song on the radio that makes you question, why am I doing this? Is hard. But, nothing has ever made me want to give up.

What is your truth (or essence) when everything else is stripped away?

I’m created to love, and spread love. That’s my purpose. I’ve been gifted with the ability to carry that message out to the masses through music.

August is our Music/Entertainment issue! We are happy to have you on our cover!!! How do you feel being on our August cover representing this issue?

Sugafoot, I am sooooo thrilled and excited! To be honest, I’m really humbled to be representing something so very new and dear to my heart.

What does the future hold for Tia P.

Hmmm, let’s see: Safe live performances? More TV & Commercial roles?  Voiceover roles? New Sync placements? EP maybe? New music produced by the legendary DJ Battlecat feat. Lady of Rage dropping in January? I mean… who knows? *smiles*

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